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Production One: R.I. Gun Magazine Limits Before Court (1-23-23)

Guests: Dane Ardente, Attorney with KSP Law

Host: Richard August

Description: The R.I legislature recently passed a law limiting gun magazine capacity to 10 rounds and requires that magazines larger than 10 rounds must be relinquished to the state. A group of plaintiffs asked the Federal District Court to issue a preliminary injunction/temporary restraining order so the plaintiffs could be heard in court before the law goes into effect and causes harm to gun owners. This case has many complexities and constitutional concerns, which are discussed during this interview.


Link to video:

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Saturday, Feb 11 at 7:00 PM on Cox channel 13, Verizon channel 32, and Full Channel 9

Sunday, Feb 12 at 8:00 AM on Cox channel 13, Verizon channel 32, and Full Channel 9

Monday, Feb 13 at 9:00 PM on Cox channel 18, Verizon channel 31, and Full Channel 9

Wednesday, Feb 15 at 5:00 PM on Cox channel 18, Verizon channel 31,

Thursday, Feb 16 at 9:00 PM on Cox channel 18, Verizon channel 31, and Full Channel 9


Production One: RI State Police K-9 Unit and K-9 Movie Star Ruby (7/11/22)

GuestCorporal Daniel O’Neil, K-9 Unit Coordinator, RI State Police                  Host: Darlene D’Arezzo

Description:  Colonel O’Neil acquaints us with the K-9 Unit of the RI State Police and describes how his search and rescue dog Ruby became a star in the movie “Rescued by Ruby.” Ruby died shortly after the movie was completed. O’Neil introduces us to his current work partner, Coda who sat beside him throughout this entire interview. We learn how the K-9 unit was established, the variety of “disciplines” such as search and rescue and a newly established discipline for certain dogs “therapy/comfort.” The interview is not only enlightening, but also inspirational.

Video channel link:


Production Two: RI State Police Museum Foundation (6/13/22)

Guests: Ret. Lt. Kenneth Bowman, RI State Police Museum Foundation,

               Ret. Lt. James T. Beck, RI State Police Museum Foundation,

Host: Darlene D’Arezzo

Description: Guests are retired RI State Police and members of RI State Police Museum Foundation .

They talk about how the museum originated and the persons involved. They offered a video which provides an overview of its creation and another about Trooper O’Brien, who died while on duty during Hurricane Carol. They share not only their memories but also commentary on some favorite topics: Troopers in Uniforms on the Dave Letterman Show; Red Disk use; the unique Social Investigator Corp; the upcoming 100 year book and 2025 Centennial; the charity events hosted by the Museum Foundation; and more.


Video channel link: 


Economic Trends and Expectations (12/21/22)

Guest: Derek Amey, StregisPoint Investment Advisor,

Host: Richard August                Time: 30 minutes

Description: Investment advisor Derek Amey discusses a variety of economic conditions and trends with reasons for these and speculations regarding what we might expect during 2023. Economic market trends, current inflation, and a future anticipated recession considerations are discussed. An historical comparison of USA national debt from @1988 to present is mind-bending. Lastly and somewhat confounding is a discussion of energy needs and sources vis-vis the move to renewal sources of energy. Can developing cleaner energy sources be accomplished without petroleum?

            Video link:  

Rowley’s view of current politics (12/12/22)

Guest: Travis Rowley, Host of podcast Good Men 

             To subscribe to Rowley’s newsletter, use this email address:

Host: Richard August                Time: 60 minutes

Description: A broad range of topics are discussed including Donald Trump; social media; Universities; Silicon Valley; free speech; public education; private life and more and how these have been influenced by politics. The main political influences are particularly the far left liberal politics and conservative politics and their inability to reach common ground for the public good. In their tug of war over political influence, one side has become and remains dominant.  

          Video link: 

2022 Midterm Election Retrospective (11/12/22)
Guest: Richard August, State of the State Host and Co-producer
Host: John Carlevale                 Time: 60 minutes
Description: Guest and host discuss a wide range of topics and concerns in looking back at the 2022 election. Their discussion includes the impact of campaign advertising and strategies; a lack of candidate clarity; impact of Donald Trump in this past and the next election; the coming energy crisis; and border crisis to mention just a few. How has the new “voting season” and increased use of mail ballots effected the election process and political party candidates? Given these and other influencing factors, who is likely to be the next president and which political party is likely to benefit the most?
          Video link:

2022 Midterm Election Review (11/14/22)

Guests: Darlene D’Arezzo, State of the State Host and Co-producer

Mike Stenhouse, Host and producer of In the Dugout; CEO of RI Center for Freedom and Prosperity

Host: John Carlevale                 Time: 60 minutes

Description: Guests and host discuss a wide range of topics and concerns in their review of factors which have influenced midterm election results. Topics included RI statewide office outcomes; top election issues nationally and locally; political party strategies; political ads; campaign money; polarization and dominance by one political party; voting procedures; and the emergence of a new third party movement and much more.


          Video link: 

Secretary of State Candidates Debate (10/24/22)

Guests: Gregg Amore, candidate for Secretary of State,

              Pat Cortelessa, candidate for Secretary of State,

Host: Darlene D’Arezzo                     Time: 60 minutes

Description: Candidates Amore and Cortelessa begin by connecting their respective personal and professional experiences as these relate to the office they seek. The topics discussed include the various jurisdictional roles of the Office of Secretary of State; elections process fair and safe; their perspective regarding early voting; ballot harvesting; the shared responsibility of the Board of Election and the Secretary of State regarding elections; and many other matters betwixt and between. Toward the end, the candidates ask questions of each other. Throughout, Amore and Cortelessa maintain a respectful attitude of each other, their difference on certain matters and the process of their discussion.


          Video link: 

A Veteran’s Journey from Combat to Advocacy (10/24/22)

Guest: Captain Randell Bagwell,

Host: Darlene D’Arezzo                     Time: 32 minutes

Description: Captain Bagwell candidly shares his life’s journey from boyhood; his early work experience and business endeavors, his first military experience when her was injured, discharged and later rejoined for his second Navy experience. This journey included work for Electric Boat and General Dynamics; marriage and parenthood; various business endeavors; and then a return to cattle farming but this time in Rhode Island. This interesting journey began in childhood and transitioned to young adulthood, and then to combat, followed by his return to civilian life and farming in Rhode Island, to his involvement and service to other veterans.


          Video link: 

James Lathrop for General Treasurer (10/11/22)

Guest: James Lathrop, Candidate for General Treasurer,            Host: Richard August   

Description: The discussion begins with a review of state and federal pensions and cost of living adjustments and how they are managed in the Treasurer’s Office. Lathrop suggests a more fair way of giving COLAs to those retired. Discussion includes how investment gains are applied and reported; unfunded liabilities; cost of living and cost of doing business in Rhode Island; and more. “I am really about the finances” stresses Lathrop and he asserts that his public service financial management experience suits him best for the position of General Treasures.


          Video link:

Aaron Guckian for Lt. Governor (10/11/22)

Guest: Aaron Guckian , Candidate for Lt. Governor,          Host: Darlene D’Arezzo  

Description: Guckian asserts that qualifications matter in the Lt. Governor’s race before he begins his review of his work experience whiles explaining his view of the office and his fit and goals. Part of the job is meeting with the people and agencies the Lt. Gov. oversees. He points out that Sabina Matos has been characteristically absent from these. In response to how he compares and contrasts himself with Matos, Guckian shows his past experience and familiarity with the workings of government as a distinct advantage. A message he repeats: “Matos doesn’t show up!” “She is not here.”

          Video link: 

Chas Calenda for Attorney General (9/26/22)

Guest: Chas Calenda, Candidate for Attorney General,            Host: Richard August   

Description: Calenda believes that the Office of Attorney General should exemplify “law above politics.” He believes the current AG Peter Neronha is an activist attorney general pushing a political/partisan agenda. Calenda further believes that the role of the AG is to be the people’s attorney. These beliefs drive his candidacy. The discussion also addresses other topics: gun control; Second Amendment rights; use of emergency powers; driver licenses for illegal residents; oversight of police shootings; violent and habitual offenders; and more.          Video link:

Ashley Kalus for Governor (9/26/22)

Guest: Ashley Kalus, Candidate for Governor,             Host: Richard August  

Description: Kalus asserts that she will fight for Rhode Island and it’s citizens to make the state affordable to live in with high performing schools for its children, parents and teachers. She provides an overview of the partnership she will develop to improve schools, which shall include public school choice. Other topics discussed include: guns laws; Second Amendment rights; mental health concerns; abortions rights; illegal resident driver permit rather than license; and more.


Video link:

Aaron Guckian for Lt. Governor (9/12/22)

Guest: Aaron Guckian, Candidate for Lt. Governor,         Host: Darlene D’Arezzo   

Description: Navigating government systems can be difficult, complicated and time consuming. He first came to recognize this as a special assistant to Governor Don Carcieri. Guckian plans to remedy this by creating a help center within the Lt. Governor’s Office. His professional background is varied and includes education, athletics, banking, private sector fund raising, and more. He does not believe there should be a political class. People should serve for a limited time and return to the private sector. For more information, visit his website:


Video link:

James Lathrop for General Treasurer (9/12/22)

Guest: James Lathrop, Candidate for General Treasurer,             Host: Richard August  

Description: Lathrop, a certified public accountant, has spent a career in private and public accounting sectors. He believes that the General Treasure position is not a political position; it is a public/government accounting position. This belief has prompted him to make a “transparency pledge.” Forbes Magazine has noted that neither of the other two Democrat candidates for this office has agreed to make this pledge. The discussion includes the pension systems; cost of living suspension and restoration; the huge cost of other benefits like health care cost, and more. Visit Lathrop’s website


Video link:

David Segal for US Congress (8/22/22)

Guest: David Segal, Candidate for US Congress,           Host: Darlene D’Arezzo   

Description: Segal discusses his history of political activism and service as a member of Providence City Council and RI General Assembly. His concerns include corporate dominance and its often adverse effects on small business; economic development; and environmental concerns. He favors increasing the minimum wage and supports a “Medicare for all” approach to managing medical cost and services and diminishing the influence of insurance companies. On 2nd Amendment rights, he supports current legislative efforts to limit or ban assault style weapons.


Video link:

Paul Pence for Lt. Governor (8/22/22)

Guest: Paul Pence, Candidate for Lt. Governor,          Host: Darlene D’Arezzo  

Description: Pence regards the Office of Lt. Governor as a unique position and opportunity for serving the people of Rhode Island. He explains this notion in his discussions of two responsibilities of the Lt. Governor: emergency management and the small business advisory council. Outside of the Lt. Governor’s office, he explains how his knowledge and skill-set can be used to improve performance in the Division of Motor Vehicles and the Department of Children, Youth, and Families. He is a 2nd Amendment advocate who views gun control efforts as dominated by emotion and political actions rather than logic and problem solving approaches and outcomes.


Video link:  

Deborah Ruggiero for Lt. Governor (7/25/22)

GuestDeborah Ruggieru, Candidate for Lt. Governor,           Host: Richard August

Description: Ruggiero has served as a RI Representative for 14 years with devotion to four areas of interest: the economy, education, environment, and the elderly. She plans to continue this focus in the Office of Lt. Governor by being an advocate/ombudsman and serving as a bridge between the legislature and governor’s office. One of her goals is to restore the Department of Elderly Affairs to cabinet level once again; it has been reduced to an Office… Throughout the conversation, she skillfully weaves these four areas together as a potential power source of jobs and economic development.

Video channel link:  

Spencer Dickinson for US Congress (7/25/22)

Guest: Spencer Dickinson, Candidate for US Congress, District 2,          Host: Darlene D’Arezzo

Description: Dickinson has served in the RI legislature during two distinct time periods, which has influenced his current concerns and issues. He believes that the Democratic Party in is need of restoration: bring is back to a more moderate political party or suffer the consequences.  Issues which are most important include preserving Social Security; managing health care; global warming; border concerns; threat of nuclear war and international relations; and more. A very special concern needing to be addressed is pension reform at both the state and municipal level.

Video channel link:

RISP K-9 Unit and K-9 Movie Star Ruby (7/11/22)

GuestCorporal Daniel O’Neil, K-9 Unit Coordinator, RISP               Host: Darlene D’Arezzo

Description:  Colonel O’Neil acquaints us with the K-9 Unit of the RI State Police and describes how his search and rescue dog Ruby became a star in the movie “Rescued by Ruby.” Ruby died shortly after the movie was released. O’Neil introduces us to his current work partner, Koda who sat beside him throughout this entire interview. We learn how the K-9 unit was established, the variety of “disciplines” such as search and rescue and a newly established discipline for certain dogs “therapy/comfort.” The interview is not only enlightening, but also inspirational.

Video channel link:

Production Two: Recent Gun Control Legislation/Recent Supreme Court Decision, #2 (7/11/22)

Guest: Richard Sinapi, Attorney and gun control advocate            Host: Richard August

Description: This interview is a follow up to a previous interview on this topic but is viewed from the perspective of a gun control advocate. Sinapi points out that all rights are not absolute and are limited to some degree. Regarding gun control laws, Sinapi asserts that any law, even if marginal is a step in the right direction. The discussion focuses on recent laws passed in Rhode Island and the recent Supreme Court decision regarding the right to carry a gun for self-protection. Regarding the later, to be continued.

Video channel link:

Recent Gun Control Legislation/Recent Supreme Court Decision (6/27/22

Guest: Frank Soccoccio, attorney and president of the RI 2nd Amendment CoalitionHome (     

Host: Richard August

Description: This interview focuses on the recent gun control legislation passed by the RI general assembly and the recent Supreme Court decision regarding the right to carry a firearm. The discussion includes the general content of the laws passed and their anticipated effects; various aspects of the laws like magazine limitations; conceal carry permits; differences in the permitting practices; anticipated court action resulting; the required surrender of personal property; etc. An interesting fact is that less than one half of one percent of the Rhode Islanders have a firearm carry permit.


Video channel link:

May is Mental Health Awareness Month.

This is the fifth in our series of interviews in support of mental health awareness.

How Therapy Helps Us Navigate through Life’s Challenges (2/27/22)

Guest: Mike Cerrullo, mental health practitioner          Host: Darlene D’Arezzo

Description: Host and guest are mental health practitioners.  They discuss how therapy helps us navigate through life’s challenges and the various approaches therapists, including themselves, use to help people manage their personal lives. Included in this discussion is the reluctance/resistance to seeking help and the barriers associated. Goals of therapy typically include how to remain well and healthy; understanding what factors have contributed to their situation; the troubles and problems they will learn to manage, and much more.          

Video channel link:

RI State Police Museum Foundation (6/13/22)

Guests: Ret. Lt. Kenneth Bowman, RI State Police Museum Foundation,

              Ret. Lt. James T. Beck, RI State Police Museum Foundation,

Host: Darlene D’Arezzo

Description: Guests are retired RI State Police and members of RI State Police Museum Foundation .

They talk about how the museum originated and the persons involved. They offered a video which provides an overview of its creation and another about Trooper O’Brien, who died while on duty during Hurricane Carol. They share not only their memories but also commentary on some favorite topics: Troopers in Uniforms on the Dave Letterman Show; Red Disk use; the unique Social Investigator Corp; the upcoming 100 year book and 2025 Centennial; the charity events hosted by the Museum Foundation; and more.          Video channel link:

Pat Cortellessa for Secretary of State (5/23/22)

Guest: Pat Cortellessa, Candidate for Secretary of State,

Host: John Carlevale                         Time: 30 minutes

Description: Cortellessa focuses on the need for fair and equitable election rules and laws. He begins with an assessment of the Let RI Vote Act before the RI General Assembly and continues with concerns of excessive use of mail ballots; mail ballot harvesting; method of confirming of signatures on mail ballots; accuracy of the official voter list; and voter fraud cases in RI. Cortellessa also comments on the recent reports of a census over-count of 55,000 residents in RI: What was the consequence? Who was responsible? What action taken?


Video channel link: YouTube link:

May is Mental Health Awareness Month.

This is the fourth in our series of interviews in support of mental health awareness.

 Intervention, Readiness and Treatment (5/23/22)

Guest: Kate Duffy, Interventionist and Recovery Coach, Tipping Point Recovery,  

Host: Darlene D’Arezzo                     Time: 30 minutes

Description: Duffy begins with a candid account of her own addiction to alcohol and its impact on her life, her family members and her current work as an intervention and recovery coach. She describes the trials, challenges, and failures of getting the help she needed. Over time and with greater self-awareness, she eventual succeeds in becoming sober and begun her transition to becoming a helpful agent of change for others. She now is President of Tipping Point Recovery and continues to work with persons with addiction problems and provides training to others to become effective mental health practitioners themselves.


Video channel link: 

May is Mental Health Awareness Month.

This is the third in our series of interviews in support of mental health awareness.

Promoting Children’s Mental Health (5/9/22)

Guests: Louise Kiessling, Andrea Martin, and Susan Orban – Washington County Coalition for Children,

Host: Susan Orban                             Time: 30 minutes

Description: Dr. Kiesslink offers an overview of the mental health status of children. Unfortunately, there has been a trend of diminishing health and helpful treatment is not readily available nationwide. She cites some of the local efforts to find or create helpful treatment options; but supply of these falls short of the growing demand. Martin describes the use of literature (bibliotherapy) as a helpful approach to helping children of varying ages. She introduces a small sampling of books their efforts have found appropriate and helpful. Orban describes current programs


Video channel link:

Robert Lancia for Congress (4/25/22)

Guest: Robert Lancia, Candidate for Congress, District 2,          

Host: Richard August                         Time: 30 minutes

Description: Lancia talks about his experience as a state representative and a multitude state and national of issues and concerns, which motivate his candidacy. Topics include federal debt; universal pre-k education; school choice; teaching of Critical Race Theory in schools; environmental concerns; border security; inflation; cancellation of student debt; voting laws; taxing the wealthy more; Ukraine war; statehood for Porter Rico; increasing number of Supreme Court judges; gun control; and more. Lancia believes that his work as a state representative has adequately prepared him for the national House of Representatives.

Video channel link: 

Magaziner for Congress (5/9/22)

Guest: Seth Magaziner, Candidate for Congress, District 2,           

Host: Richard August                         Time: 30 minutes

Description: General Treasurer Seth Magaziner is seeking the RI Democratic Party’s nomination for US Congress, District 2. At the onset he offers his reasons for seeking this Congressional seat. The discussion touches on a variety of topics which include pre-K education; reducing the cost of drugs for Medicare and Medicaid members; support of a public option among health care insurance options; worker rights; corporate dominance in certain sectors of the economy/technology; inflation; the proposed Bureau of Disinformation; border management; changing the number of Supreme Court Justices; and the most recent leak of draft decision regarding Roe v. Wade. 


Video channel link:

May is Mental Health Awareness Month.

This is the second in our series of interviews in support of mental health awareness.

Mental Health Training and Care (4/25/22)

Guest: Mike Cerullo, Mental Health Practitioner    Host: Darlene D’Arezzo                     Time: 30 minutes

Description: Cerullo discuses some significant changes in mental health practice, training and care in Rhode Island in recent years. Topics covered include training and care of first responders-fire, police, EMT; the prisons as major care centers; increase in rate of suicide; challenge of getting to treatment; effect of marijuana; laws pertaining to marijuana use; concerns about legalizing recreational marijuana use; and more.


Video channel link:


Speaker Shekarchi on Current Legislative Matters(4/11/22)

Guest: Joseph Shekarchi, Speaker-House of Representatives,       

Host: Richard August                         Time: 30 minutes

Description: Speaker Sherkarchi candidly and straightforwardly discusses some of the current maters facing the legislature during the current session. Topics include recreational marijuana; the size of the budget; voting rules; policeman’s bill of rights; access to the shoreline; gun laws; driver’s permits for undocumented persons; elimination of Voter ID; legalization of prostitution; and bonus payments to state employees.


Video channel link:

May is Mental Health Awareness Month.

This is the first in our series of interviews in support of mental health awareness.

Program Two: Mental Health in Law Enforcement (4/11/22)

Guest: Bud Cicilline, Mental Health Practictioner-Retired,

Host: Darlene D’Arezzo                     Time: 30 minutes

Description: Following a brief review of past changes in mental health practices in R.I.,Cicilline discuss current matters facing Rhode Islanders. The discussion includes changes in process at the Eleanor Slater Hospital and mental health issues and concerns facing law enforcement and other first responders. The latter addresses the Policeman’s Bill of Rights; the different circumstances where police are called to respond; changing expectations of police; mental health first aide training; mental health care for police and fire personnel; crisis intervention training; further development of risk team and crisis intervention for first responders along with increasing sensitivity training for these.          Video channel link: 

Pending Legislation: A Labor Union Perspective (3/28/22)

Guest: Patrick Crowley, Secretary-Treasurer, RI AFL-CIO       

Host: Richard August                         Time: 30 minutes

Description: Crowley discusses pending Rhode Island legislation from a labor union perspective. The discussion includes various voting changes; driver licenses for undocumented persons; $3,000 vaccination incentive/bonuses/retention pay; state employee contracts/wages/benefits packages; minimum wage changes; wage theft by some employers; and some suggestions for changes to existing laws.         

Video link:

Living Successfully with Visual Impairment (3/28/22)

Guest: Michael Prusko, advocate for visually impaired,

Host: Darlene D’Arezzo                     Time: 30 minutes

Description: Prusko began to experience vision problems at age 45. Over time, he was seen by four different eye doctors and was eventually diagnosed with retinitis pigmentosa. He takes us step by step through this diagnostic process. His condition progressively worsened and eventually he retired from his job. A variety of life changes were made in order to begin to manage his loss of sight more adequately. He acknowledges the support from his wife, children, and various helping professionals. Prusko has learned to use various prosthetic devices and a few very helpful technology tools. He cites a couple of organizations that were helpful to his learning to live successfully with his vision loss.        

Video link:

Libertarian Party of R.I. (3/15/22)

Guest: Billy Hunt, Candidate and Chairman, Libertarian Party of RI,   

Host: Richard August                         Time: 30 minutes

Description: This interview focuses on two aspects: the Libertarian Party’s philosophy and values and its chairman and candidate Billy Hunt. Topics include property rights; legalization of certain drugs; second amendment rights; diminishing and limiting government authority; right to life; freedom of speech; affordable housing; environment concerns; energy sources and much more. One statement made by Hunt characterizes the libertarian view of government: “With enough time and money, there is nothing the government can’t make worse.” Visit         

Video link:

Racism and “The Aaron Thomas Affair” (2/28/22)

Guests: Jim McGwin and Megan Reilly, concerned citizens of N. Kingstown, RI.          Host: Richard August  

Description: This interview focuses on two topics of concern involving the N. Kingstown School Department. One relates to a study to evaluate if systemic racism exists in the NK school system. The other topics focuses on allegations of sexual abuse of students by a faculty member, described herein as “The Aaron Thomas Affair.” Complaints regarding the latter date back to 2016 with other complains following with little or no action taken by the school department officials on behalf of students whom may have been abused. This interview is alarming on multiple levels involving various adults who seem to have failed to protect students in their care.

Video link:

Varnum Armory Museum(2/28/22)

Guest: Patrick Donovan, Varnum Armory Museum Vice President and Curator            Host: Richard August  

Description: The Varnum Continentals were charted as a militia in 1774. In 1913 they built the Varnum Memorial Armory. It has recently undergone a considerable renovation/upgrade, expanding the museum which was contained therein. The organization’s members of Varnum now view itself as a conservation organization of RI military history, which of course intertwines with USA history. The museum contains many valuable artifacts of this history and its people, which Donovan talks about with captivating devotion, respect, admiration and pride. The museum is free and open to the public by appointment only.           Contact:

Video link:

Election Year 2022 (2/14/22)

Guest: Sue Chienki, RI GOP Chairperson,          Host: Richard August  

Description: Chairperson Cienki discusses a variety of issue and concerns from her political party perspective; she also addresses that which should be of concern of all Rhode Islanders regardless of political affiliation. Discussion includes redrawing of voting district boundaries; prison inmate voting; state of emergency powers of governor; unilateral change of mail ballot requirements by Secretary Gorbea and its consequence “ballot harvesting,” citizenship requirement for voting; size of state budget; management of JCLS (Joint Commission on Legislative Services); and much more.

Video link:

Charles Calenda for RI AG (2/14/22)

Guest: Charles Calenda, Candidate for RI Attorney General  

Host: Richard August           Time: 60 minutes

Description: Attorney Calenda is seeking election to the AG’s office out of concern for how the office has been run under incumbent AG Neronha. These concerns are discussed along with gun laws in general; in particular Red Flag Law, prohibition of guns on school grounds; upcoming hospital merger; change of requirements of mail ballot voting; use of executive orders by governor; legalization of recreational marijuana; restructuring the AG’s office; and some interesting considerations pertaining to driver license for illegal immigrants; and more.

 Video link:

Tomaquag Museum Update (1/24/22)

Guest: Loren Spears, Executive Director – Tomaquag Museum          Host: Darlene D’Arezzo  

Description: Many exciting things have happened at the Tomaquag Museum since Loren Spears’ last appearance. She reacquaints us with the museum’s beginnings and updates with some of the most important program changes, partnerships developed, enhancements to historical collections, exhibits, classes in indigenous history, and much more. The most exciting of all is the expected groundbreaking and start of construction in the Fall of 2022 of the long-awaited, state-of- the-art, four building campus of a new Tomaquag Museum. For more info, visit

Video link:
Current Legislation, Concerns & Issues (1/10/22)

Guest: Susan Donovan, State Representative, Dist. 69          Host: Richard August

Description: This interview reviews recent legislation and current concerns and issues of the past legislative session. This includes pay equity; privacy bill relating to health care; child opportunity centers; gender conversion therapy for minors; affordable housing; safe school act; non-gender specific rest rooms; nursing home equity staffing act; African American history curriculum; and more.


Video link:

Where Have All the Workers Gone? (12/13/21

Guest: Derek Amey, Partner & Portfolio Manager, Strategic Point Investment Advisors,        Host: Richard August

Description: This interview discusses the answers to the question “Where have all the workers gone?” And there are many contributing factors, all following the Covid19 pandemic response. Contributing factors include change in the GDP; consumer spending and goods; child care costs; low wages; employee benefits; fear of exposure to Covid19; contact restrictions; inflation; government/federal reserve mismanagement; supply and demand issues and more.                     

Video link:

Black Lives Matter-RI PAC (12/13/21)

Guest: Harrison Tuttle, Executive Director, BLM RI,           Host: Richard August

Description: This interview reviews Black Lives Matter-RI PAC background, goals for the 2022 session of the GA and 2022 elections. Various topics follow including policeman’s bill of rights; driver license for undocumented immigrants; open borders; right to vote for non-citizens; elimination of for-profit prisons; removal of cash bail; social workers in lieu of police to respond to domestic calls and more. For more information visit


Video link:

Aristocats, reconfigured (11-22-21)

Aristocats band members: Lloyd Kaplan, Leader, saxophone, clarinet, vocals;
Joe Holtzman, drum; Stan Holtzman, keyboard; Dennis Pratt, bass, vocals

Host: John Carlevale

After two years of not performing music due to the Covid19 pandemic and the death of band member Nat Piccirilli, the Aristocats have regrouped and reconfigured. They are performing once again. We meet the newest member of the band and reconnect with former members. They perform some of greatest songs by some of the most famous writers of music. This special production is dedicated in memory of Nat Piccirilli, who appears at the end in a brief video of his last performance on State of the State at age 97.

Link to video:

Mental Health Issues and Concerns (11/8/21)

Guest: J. Clement ‘Bud’ Cicilline, former CEO of Newport County Mental Health Center,                      Host: Darlene D’Arezzo

Mental health practitioner Bud Cicilline discusses some major issues and concerns facing mental health practice today. With many years of experience, he walks us through the history of mental health services in Rhode Island and talks about what is needed to improve services and meet the growing need for mental health services.

Link to video is

Marijuana vs. CBD:  Uses, Effects & Cautions (11/8/21)

Guest: Nadia Archambault, PhD Pharm,                    Host: Darlene D’Arezzo

Dr. Archambault is a pharmacist, women’s sexual health coach and much more. The focus of this interview discusses the differences between marijuana and CBD, their uses and their effects on the human condition and development. Our guest is very candid when she shares her concerns and offers cautions about use, drug source, etc.

Link to video: 

Production One: Civics; Black History and Other Matters

Guest: Rep. Brian Newberry, (R) House Dist. 48          Host: Richard August         Time: 30 minutes

Host August and guest Newberry discuss a wide range of legislation and concerns including but not limited to Civics and Black History to be taught in RI schools; behind the scene political power struggle; immigration; need for affordable housing; growing state budget; proposed hospital merger and more. Regarding public school curriculum, Newberry encourages parents to become more involved in what is being taught to their children.

Link to video:

Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at URI (10-12-21)

Guest: Beth Leconte, Director of R.I.’s chapter of OLLI (Osher Lifelong Learning Institute) 

Host: John Carlevale

Beth Leconte is director of the R. I. Chapter of OLLI (Osher Lifelong Learning Institute) at URI. The program is dedicated to supporting lifelong learning experiences among those fifty years and older. Members are able to takes courses at the URI campus in a variety of subject matter content areas and of special interest at greatly reduced fees, without the concern of grades, exams, papers, etc. Learn more by visiting the OLLI website: 


Link to video:

Allen Waters for US Congress (10-12-21)

Guest: Allan Waters, candidate for US Congress,  Host: Richard August

Allen Waters is seeking election to US Congress. He discusses some of the issues which are important to him, to the people and to this nation. These issues include but are not limited to school choice, corruption, the FAIRtax, 2ndAmendment rights, higher education, and matters concerning veterans. Waters is fiscally responsible, socially conscious, believes in traditional American values, follows the Constitution, and is a strong advocate for ordinary Americans. For more information:


Link to video:  

Paintings and Music by Mitchell Kaplan (9/27/21)

Guest: Mitchell Kaplan, Artist and Musician, Saxophone, flute,

Hosts: John Carlevale

Kaplan is a musician who has performed in many jazz bands with some of the most notable musicians. The Covid19 shutdown put a halt to his music performances. But there is a silver lining to his circumstance. He began to explore more fully his artistic skills, and this experience had resulted in some of his artwork to be shared during this interview along with some music too.

Contact info: Email: ; Instagram: mitch_Kaplan65; and use access code: bonzuser_mk65 

Link to video:

Management of Covid19 Money (9/27/21)

Guest: Mike Stenhouse, CEO RI Freedom & Prosperity,

Host: Richard August

Stenhouse shares his perspective regarding the management by Rhode Island government of Covid19 money received from the federal government. The distribution of monies has been delayed and speculates that a struggle for control of the money between general assembly leadership and the executive branch is at the root of this delay. How the money is to be used is part of this struggle.

Link to video:
Ray Rickman for R.I. Senate (9-13-2021)

Guest: Ray Rickman, candidate for R.I. Senate,

Host: Mike Stenhouse                       Time: 31 minutes

Rickman and host Stenhouse talk briefly about Rickman’s extensive public service background and a variety of topics relating his practical, pragmatic and realistic plans as an elected official. Rickman’s major goal is to improve education in Providence public schools with reasonable and achievable changes rather than lofty transformative reforms, which rarely achieve their promised results. The link to Rickman’s election announcement is

Link to video is

Legislation of 2021 General Assembly Session(8/31/21)  

Guests: Julie Casimiro, Representative D-31, (D) AND Mike Chippendale, Representative D-40, (R)

Host: Richard August

Topic: Legislators Casimiro and Chippendale discuss bills passed and not passed during the last legislative session and the agenda for a possible special fall session, now seeming unlikely. They also talk about the current budget inflated by the influx of federal Covid-19 money and its effect on future budgets which may be unsustainable. The power struggle between the legislature and the executive branch regarding power and jurisdiction was addressed.          Video link:

Critical Race Theory, Part 3  (8/31/21)

Guest: Mary Brimer, North Kingstown Councilwoman

Hosts: Richard August

Topic:  Councilwoman Brimer addresses such questions as: Does structural racism exist in N.K. schools? Is Critical Race Theory being introduced in N.K. schools? What has been the impetus behind this emerging trend to teach Critical Race Theory in RI schools? What are the pros and cons and effects on teachers and students? Brimer questions some of the methodologies being used to justify these curricular changes.

Video link:

Providence Grays Host Historic Base Ball Festival (7-26-21)

Guests: Johnny Carlevale, Secretary/Treasurer, Providence Grays

               Jon Henson, President, Providence Grays,

Hosts: Mike Stenhouse

This historic baseball event takes place on Saturday and Sunday, August 14 and 15 at Rocky Point Park, Warwick, RI. The event is free and open to the public. Approximately 10 historic base ball teams from various states are scheduled to play historic or vintage base ball. Guests Carlevale and Hensen discuss the history of the Providence Grays and historic base ball, which is still played across the USA today.   

Video link:

Critical Race Theory in Public Schools, Part Two (7-26-21)

Guest: Ramona Bessinger, Teacher, Providence School System

Hosts: Richard August

Critical Race Theory is being taught in RI public schools. Guest Bessinger teaches in the Providence Public School system. She shares her experience and concerns about teaching CRT during this interview. She also shares some of her classroom experiences as they relate directly to her interaction with some of her students and their responses to CRT.      Video link:

Is inflation coming? (7/12/21)

Guest: Derek Amey, Partner Strategic Point Advisers, 

Hosts: Richard August      Time: 30 mins

Derek Amey is an investment advisor who has posed the question “Is inflation coming? The interview discusses what inflation and other words and concepts imply in order to answer this question against our current financial status as a nation, if so, for how long, etc. Our view of this question varies according our age, financial condition, employment and more. Most will this an interesting and informative interview.

            Link to video:

Critical Race Theory in Public Schools, Part 1 (7/12/21) 

Guest: Representative Patricia Morgan (R), D-26,

Hosts: Richard August      Time: 30 mins

The teaching of Critical Race Theory has been introduced into several Rhode Island public schools. Some people are advocates and some are not, in fact they oppose the teaching of CRT in our public schools. In this interview Representative Patricia Morgan explains the oppositional position.

For more information visit the following website 

Link to video:

Luis Daniel Munoz Candidate for Governor (6/28/21)

Guest: Luis Daniel Munoz, candidate for Governor,  

Host: Richard August                Time: 30 minutes

Munoz offers a substantial explanation of why he is a candidate for governor. During the interview, Munoz discusses many topics including single payer health care systems, the disease which are higher in the USA and why, gun control, driver license for immigrants and more. His explanations of the use of “equity and justice” are noteworthy.

Link to video:

Mental Health Training and Man Therapy (6/28/21)

Guests: Michael Cerullo, Rob Harrison, and Susan Orban.

Host: Darlene D’Arezzo              Time: 30 minutes

There are a variety of programs initiated in Washington County which focus on meeting mental health needs in this community. They range from mental health first aid training for various groups and ages, which can be obtained online now to the newer program, man-therapy, which serves as the doorway to getting help needed for men. All of this is part of a national effort to address mental health issues with appropriate support services.

Link to video:

ARCHIVED: 3-9-20 Bold Changes Needed in Teacher Contracts  
Guest: Michael Marra, Teacher, Portsmouth School System, marram@portsmouthschoolsriorg   
Host: Richard August     Time: 30 minutes
Marra is a teacher of history and economics and asserts that Providence schools are not the only schools in need of improvement. His focus is on teacher contracts, which need to be modified to foster good teaching and diminish poor performance. He discusses various aspects of teacher contracts such as merit based compensation; tenure; seniority; teacher evaluations; longevity bonuses; sick time; due process; and out-of-classroom work/preparation. An important aspect affecting outcomes is the influence of parents and family culture.

ARCHIVED: 2-24-20 RedrawRI
Guest: John Marion, Executive Director, Common Cause RI,
Host: Richard August     Time: 30 minutes
Mr. Marion is the executive director of Common Cause Rhode Island a non-partisan organization promoting clean, open and accountable government. He discusses the importance of the upcoming census and its impact on redrawing the state’s House and Senate districts. This has given rise to a movement called RedrawRI a campaign to reform how RI legislative districts are drawn. It calls for an impartial citizens’ commission to redistrict the state.

Link to video is

ARCHIVED: 2-24-20 Red Flag Law
Guest: Charles Calenda, Attorney with Inman and Tourgee,   
Host: Richard August     Time: 30 minutes
Mr. Calenda was a prosecutor in the Attorney General’s office for many years. Now in private practice he describes how the “Red Flag Law” has been implemented over the last 18 months and its implications on the constitutional protections of due process and unlawful search and seizure. He also discusses the “assault weapons” and “high capacity magazine” bills introduced once again in this current session of the Legislature.

Link to video is

ARCHIVED: 2- 10-20 Vaping and Other Pending Legislation

Guests: Julie Casimiro, State Representative, H-D 31,    

               Camille Vella-Wilkinson, State Representative, H-D 21,

Host: Richard August             Time: 60 minutes

Representatives Casimiro and Vella-Wilkinson discuss a broad range of pending legislation and other matters, which have their concern. Topics include vaping legislation; a veteran joint oversight committee; pharmacist having birth control prescription authority; reproductive health; firearm legislation; climate control; out of school time learning; early parole for young rehabilitated offenders; military sexual assault trauma; and more.  Other matters include the need for a constitutional convention; line item veto; minimum wage; and candidate endorsements.

Link to video is

ARCHIVED: 1- 27-20 Transportation & Climate Initiative (TCI)
Guest: Terrence Gray, Deputy Director, RI Dept. Environment Management,
Host: John Carlevale     Time: 30 minutes
TCI is a multi-state effort of transportation, energy and environmental agencies to work collaboratively to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through fees. The model is a “cap and invest” approach which Gray explains will generate revenue which will be invested in more environmentally friendly systems to cut greenhouse gasses. The challenging question is: Will these fees levied at the petroleum produces increase the cost of gasoline and diesel fuel?      Link to video is
ARCHIVED: 1-27-20 Truck Toll Shortfall
Guest: Chris Maxwell, RI Trucking Association,
Host: Richard August    Time: 30 minutes
In a recently completed study the state of RI learned that truck toll revenues have not yielded what had been expected or predicted by the RI Department of Transportation. This shortfall is consistent with what the local trucking industry has been predicting since the state announced its plans to toll trucks. The RI Trucking Association has filed a court case challenging the plan and more. Maxwell discusses various consequences of the tolling and the court case his Association has filed.

ARCHIVED: 1-13-20 Stun Guns, Tasers and the 2nd Amendment
Guest: Frank Soccoccio, Attorney; President-Second Amendment Coalition
Host: Richard August        Time: 30 minutes
Attorney Soccoccio is representing two plaintiffs before the court regarding the right to carry a stun gun or Taser for self-protection. The two plaintiffs possess a gun carry permit. Part of the argument presented by Soccoccio is that the US Supreme Court in 2016 ruled that it is legal and constitutional to possess and carry a stun gun or Taser. Nevertheless, the State of RI wishes to outlaw electronic stun guns and Tasers (excepting law enforcement).

Link to video is

ARCHIVED: 1-13-20 Recent Title IX Cases
Guest: John Grasso, Attorney;
Host: Richard August     Time: 30 minutes
Attorney John Grasso has “represented” individuals accused of sexual misconduct under Title IX rules in university and college settings. He has also written commentary on various similar Title IX hearing held in local settings. This commentary is a large part of the discussion as these cases are not only noteworthy but also challenge our thinking about how such matters are conducted in college and university settings.

Link to video is

ARCHIVED: 12-9-19 A Different View of Matters
Guest: Justin Katz, Managing Editor – Anchor Rising & the Ocean State Current;
                                  Research Director – RI Center for Freedom & Prosperity
Host: Richard August        Time: 60 minutes
Katz shares his view on a variety of political and sociological matters. He raises the question: Are government documents factual or simply an expression of social-political opinion and goals or perhaps a little of both? In considering the consequences of social-political policy, the discussion touches on taxes and fees; balancing government budgets with more taxes and budgetary scoops; health care insurance; affordable housing; minimum/livable wage; education practices; and much more. What is Rhode Island’s national standing regarding percentage of citizens receiving governmental subsidies?
Link to video is
ARCHIVED: 11-25-19 Bass Duets in Various Styles
Guests: Dennis Pratt, bassist, teacher, author
              Susan Cursio, bassist, teacher and Mike Marks, student bassist
Host: John Carlevale        Time: 30 minutes
Dennis Pratt, bassist, teacher, author, has arranged and compiled 35 bass duets in various styles in his latest book, Bass Duets in Various Styles, which has a play along CD with MP3 files for each duet. He and two other bassists play a sampling of these in this video.

For info about the book visit:

Link to video is


ARCHIVED: 11-25-19 DaVinci Center for Community Progress
Guest: John DeLuca, Executive Director, DaVinci Center
            Sharen Gleckman, VP-Board of Directors, DaVinci Center
Host: Richard August     Time: 30 minutes
John DeLuca and Sharen Gleckman talk about the programs offered by the DaVinci Center since its beginning in 1972. It continues to offer a wide array of services to the people in their local community aimed at achieving both personal and community wide progress.
For more info visit:
ARCHIVED: 10-28-19 Rhode Island Political Cooperative
Guests: Matt Brown, Co-Chair, RI Political Cooperative,
              Michelle McGaw, candidate for RI House D-71; Cynthia Mendes, candidate for RI Senate D-18
Host: Richard August        Time: 30 minutes
Brown, McGaw and Mendes talk about the newly created RI Political Cooperative, its purpose and goals. McGaw and Mendes, candidates for general assembly seats, talk about their candidacies and what they each intend to focus on and accomplish as lawmakers. They are progressive democrats who support and discuss Medicare for All, affordable housing, improving the legislative process, fair taxation, and representing their constituents rather that powerful special interest and corporate entities, and much more.     Link to video is

ARCHIVED: 10-28-19 Dare to Dream Ranch 
Guest: Karen Dalton, EVP, Dare to Dream Ranch, 
Host: Darlene D’Arezzo     Time: 30 minutes
Dalton is founder and prime mover of the Dare to Dream Ranch in Foster, RI. She brings to her work a love for horses and a devotion to helping veterans and their family members to cope with their challenges and succeed in various aspects of their lives. Clientele face such challenges as PTSD, anxiety, depression, anger management issues and other matters stemming from their personal or military life experiences. Equine therapy is the major tool for helping; but other therapeutic approaches are also used and discussed in this interview.

Link to video is

ARCHIVED: 9-23-19 Mental Health First Aid Training
Guests: Michael Cerullo, licensed mental health counselor,
              Susan Orban, Washington County Coalition for Children,
Host: Darlene D’Arezzo        Time: 30 minutes
Guests discuss mental health first aid training, which is an eight hour certification course which teachers how to recognize and respond to someone who may be facing a mental health challenge or crisis and link that person to the help needed. This training is offered to anyone genuinely interested in helping people in need. Guests describe their personal and professional involvement in the training and the various community agencies which are involved and support this training.
For additional information, contact Donna Greene at 401-788-2371 or  

Link to video is

ARCHIVED: 9-23-19 Economic Recoveries, Opportunities: Gains or Loss?  
Guest: Richard Sinapi, Attorney,
Host: Richard August     Time: 30 minutes
Sinapi is interested in RI’s economic condition and has writing various commentaries published in ProJo, which represents some of his views expressed in this interview. He poses the question: Has our economic recoveries or opportunities been a gain or loss. He talks about “expending the pie” rather than fighting over the existing pie. RI has many inherent advantages, which need to be promoted and used to draw people, especially investors, entrepreneurs and others. Past and current economic efforts were discussed to illustrate/evaluate their gains or loss.

Link to video is

ARCHIVED: 9-9-19 Gun Control Legislation in Rhode Island
Guest: Glenn Valentine, RI Firearms Owners League,  
Host: Richard August        Time: 60 minutes
Our guest is a firearm owner and a teacher of physics. He and the host discuss a wide array of matters relating to Second Amendment rights and gun control legislation in Rhode Island. Their discussion includes the lobbying efforts and money spent on both sides in Rhode Island; what constitutes a military style or assault weapon; magazine sizes; universal background checks; and the fact that RI is one of the most restrictive of the states; and much more. The Host offer’s the assertions of the other side for our guest to respond to and to share his insight on a particular matter.

Link to video is

ARCHIVED: 9-9-19 Renovation of Rhode Island Education
Guest: Angelica M. Infante-Green, Commissioner of Education, RI Dept. of Education,             Host: Mike Stenhouse        Time: 60 minutes
Newly appointed Commissioner Infante-Green has been given a Herculean task—the renovation of RI Education. An even greater task is her most immediate charge—to resuscitate the Providence school system. The latter was the major focus of the discussion. The Commissioner listed what needs to be addressed immediately and all at once. She predicts quick improvement in certain areas but some matters will take longer. Host Stenhouse questioned what can be done immediately as the process may outlive students currently enrolled. A discussion of immediate and innovative remedies followed.

Link to video is

ARCHIVED: 8-26-19 Health Insurance in Rhode Island
Guests: Marie Ganim, Commissioner-Office of the Health Insurance Commissioner,
   Steve Boyle, Co-chair- Health Insurance Advisory Council      Host: Richard August  Time: 60 min.
The Office of the Health Insurance Commissioner takes a leadership role in state healthcare reform. It works with stakeholders on policies aimed to help make sure the health care system is meeting the needs of Rhode Islanders. OHIC gathers input from a range of stakeholders to ensure that proposed system reforms are practical, relevant, and fair. The Health Insurance Advisory Council plays a significant role in providing perspective and input from a broad array of stakeholders. Working with OHIC, the RI Parent Information Network Call Center serves to answer questions directly, guide callers and to help solve problems. Guests discuss these services and answer many challenging questions.

Link to video is

ARCHIVED: 7-22-19 Providence GOP Offers Solutions for Failing Schools
Guests: William Ricci and Dave Talan, Co-Chairs of the Providence Republican Party,           Host: John Carlevale         Time: 60 minutes
Some of the solutions Ricci and Talan offer include allowing and promoting parent and community involvement; returning to neighborhood schools/minimizing bussing; reducing bureaucracy; fixing teacher union contracts; allowing Education Commissioner to override contract items when necessary; allowing charter schools to expand and share successful practices with traditional public schools; using city colleges and universities to take over some school operations; addressing shoddy maintenance; improving school security; getting City Council involved in fixing schools, and more.
ARCHIVED: 7-22-19 Oversight Committee Looks at Underperforming Government Agencies
Guests: Patricia Serpa, Chairwoman-House Oversight Cmte.
Host: Darlene D’Arezzo         Time: 30 minutes
Representative Patricia Serpa is Chairwoman of the House Oversight Committee. She discusses its role and purpose and that of the committee members, which is to look at and evaluate the performance of government agencies and in this instance especially underperforming ones. Although she discusses many aspects, the focus during this interview is UHIP; DCYF and public transportation contracts, which have all been terribly underperforming. In the case of DCYF, some children have died while under state care. In a recent report, The Child Advocate has also called attention to DCYF’s poor performance.
Link to video is
ARCHIVED: 7-8-2019 Legislative Session Retrospective
Guests: Richard August,
            Darlene D’Arezzo,
            Mike Stenhouse                         Hosts: John Carlevale       Time: 60 minutes
Richard August, Darlene D’Arezzo, and Mike Stenhouse share their insights, concerns, etc. regarding what transpired or did not and their prescriptions for the 2020 session and a possible Fall 2019 special session. They identify legislative winners and losers and note how some influential special interest groups prompt the passage of legislation, which benefits them at the disadvantage of taxpayers. Laws and ideas which would benefit the state and improve governance often fall on deaf ears and blind eyes within the legislature.

Link to video is

ARCHIVED: 6-24-19 How Was the Google Drug Settlement Money Used?
Guest: Patricia Morgan, former Minority Leader, RI House of Representatives
Host: Richard August     Time: 30 minutes
After a very long and difficult process in obtaining public records from former Attorney General Peter Kilmartin regarding the use of the Google drug settlement money, Morgan has recently received the requested documents from current AG Peter Neronha. Of the $230 million in settlement money, the AG Office received $60 million. There seems to have been little or no state oversight of how the money was spent. This money was to be used for public safety purposes; but, Morgan questions how the money was actually used. She points out some areas of concern; but her study is ongoing. She expects to provide an update in the Fall of 2019.

Link to video is

ARCHIVED: 6-10-19 Impact of Legislation/Court Decisions on Municipal Management and Cost
Guests: Robert Flanders, Jr., Attorney,
              Mike Stenhouse, CEO-RI Center for freedom & Prosperity,
Host: Richard August         Time: 60 minutes
This interview focuses on how recently passed legislation and court decisions will impact municipal management and costs. Legislation discussed has weakened city and town ability to manage and control cost while disproportionately benefitting and empowering government employees and their unions. The underfunded municipal pensions are at further peril as a consequence. Contract law may be at odds with the legislation in question. On the other hand, recent court decisions may have given municipalities some tools to control government cost and a means to seek relief.  
ARCHIVED: 5-13-19 Barriers to Mental Health Care
Guests: Drs. Daisy Bassen and Gerald Tarnoff, Child and Adolescent Psychiatrists,
Host: Darlene D’Arezzo         Time: 30 minutes
Drs. Bassen and Tarnoff discuss the barriers to mental health from two important perspectives. One is the barriers the caregiver faces in providing care to patients. The other is the obstacles that are faced by the child/adolescent patient and parent and others seeking care on behalf of the child/adolescent. These obstacles include but are not limited to health care insurance industry, various attitudes and practices prevalent in the health care service community, shortage of resources for care, professional parity concerns, and stigma affecting the patient and others, and much more.

ARCHIVED: 5-13-19 Providence’s Challenge: Budget, Liabilities, Assets, Citizen Needs
Guests: Will Ricci + David Talan, Co-Chairman, Providence Republican City Committee,
Host: Darlene D’Arezzo   Time: 30 minutes
The city of Providence continues to face staggering challenges such as a one billion dollar unfunded pension liability, under performing schools, infrastructure needs, fire personnel and teacher contracts, etc.. Managing these liabilities against the cities asserts and citizen needs is the focus of this interview. Ricci and Talan offer some solutions to balancing the city budget by reducing spending, changing the type of pension, reducing school busing and more but absolutely not selling or renting Providence’s greatest asset, Providence Water.     Link to video is
ARCHIVED: 5-13-19 Homelessness: Causative Factors and Mental Health
Guest: Dr. Eric Hirsch, Sociologist, Providence College,
Host: Darlene D’Arezzo   Time: 30 minutes
Dr. Hirsch is an urban sociologist who has been studying and working to eliminate homelessness for nearly thirty years. First and foremost, he debunks a longstanding myth: Most homeless people are mentally ill. He asserts that this is not true and offers various profiles of homeless groups to support his claim. Hirsch continues his discussion by identifying what he believes are the more frequent/dominant causes of homelessness and what needs to be done to significantly reduce homelessness.
ARCHIVED: 4-22-19 Adolescent Mental Health Concerns and Marijuana Use
Guest: Michael Cerullo, licensed mental health counselor,  
Host: Darlene D’Arezzo         Time: 30 minutes
Mr. Cerullo is a mental health practitioner specializing in adolescent and young adult care. He discusses the adolescent mental health concerns as associated with marijuana use. His discussion is research based from a wide array of professional sources in the USA and Europe and his own professional experience as a practitioner. The effects of marijuana use on the adolescent brain are real and alarming. The question was posed: Is marijuana a gateway drug? His reply: Not a gateway drug but a syndrome. Physical and mental health effects of marijuana use, potency, the question of legalizing, residential placement needs, and treatment trends (and much more) are addressed.

Link to video is

ARCHIVED: 4-22-19 Mental Health Rights, Laws, and Important Court Decisions
Guests: Dr. Frederic Reamer, Professor-School of Social Work, RIC  
               Attorney Robert Landau, of Roberts, Carroll, Feldstein & Pierce,
Host: Darlene D’Arezzo         Time: 30 minutes
Dr. Reamer and Attorney Landau discuss mental health rights, laws and important court decisions, which have shaped the evolution of mental health practices and laws. They work with practitioners, clients and mental health institutions. Reamer’s focus is on ethics of mental health practice and Landau’s focus is on legal matters effecting mental health providers, patients and institutions; but their interaction is seamless and complementary. They both assert that clients must understand their rights and be informed; thus the duty of the practitioner is to help the client to be aware, to understand and to be empowered.      Link to video is
ARCHIVED: 4-22-19 Governor’s Working Group on Gun Safety Report
Guests: Dr. Philip Auger, Superintendent, N. Kingstown School Dept.,
              Colonel James Manni, Superintendent, RI State Police,  
Host: Richard August         Time: 30 minutes
This discussion is with two members of the Governor Raimondo’s working group on gun safety. Some recommendations of the group have been incorporated into the Governor’s and Attorney General Neronha’s legislative package. The focus of this discussion is legislation proposing the banning of assault weapons, high capacity magazines and prohibiting guns near schools. No 2nd Amendment proponents were included is this working group, who perceive the proposed legislation as poorly written, often contradictory and potentially problematic from an enforcement perspective.
ARCHIVED: 4-8-19 Meet Sue Cienki, Chairwoman – RI GOP
Guest: Sue Cienki, Chairwoman – RI GOP
Host: John Carlevale         Time: 30 minutes
Sue Cienki, the newly elected Chairwoman of the RI Republican Party discusses her plans as leader of RI GOP. This interview is an opportunity to come to know more about her at the personal level and also to find out what she regards at the important issues and concerns facing the RI Republican Party and the State of Rhode Island. Cienki states that her major focus is to get more Republican candidates elected to the RI general assembly. Some statewide issues and concerns discussed are education quality; exodus of taxpayers; government over taxation and over regulation. Party matters involve messaging and direct contact with voters to help them better understand Republican goals and values.
ARCHIVED: 4-8-19 Part Two: Legislation and Center Initiatives & Concerns
Guest: Mike Stenhouse, CEO-RI Center for Freedom and Prosperity,
Host: John Carlevale         Time: 30 minutes
This is a continuation of a previous discussion with Stenhouse about proposed legislation and the issues and concerns associated with these. Some of the matters discussed relate to government employee rights of association/dissociate from union membership; asset forfeiture law reform needed; the 6.5% sales tax reduction promised, which the government is resisting to adopt; government data collection infringing on personal privacy rights; the reasons the 2019 RI budget was graded “D” by the Center for Freedom and Prosperity, and more.
Link to video is
ARCHIVED: 3-25-19 Part One: Legislation and Center Initiatives & Concerns
Guest: Mike Stenhouse, CEO-RI Center for Freedom and Prosperity,
Host: John Carlevale         Time: 30 minutes
Stenhouse/R.I. Center for Freedom and Prosperity offer an often different point of view on the issues and concerns facing Rhode Islanders and the legislation offered by the general assembly to address these issues and concerns. This interview addresses the proposed corporate Medicaid tax and the bill to codify Roe vs. Wade into Rhode Island law. Education reform and school choice are especially timely given that there will be a new Commissioner of Education. The Center’s Jobs & Opportunity Index of Jan 2019 was a predictor of recently released data from the Bureau of Labor Statics. Conclusion of both is that RI is not doing well. The nuances of this discussion are especially interesting.

Link to video is

ARCHIVED: 3-25-19 Impact of Consolidation on Medical Practitioners
Guest: John Machata, MD, family doctor  
Host: Richard August     Time: 30 minutes
This interview with Dr. Machata echoes and confirms what various medical practitioners have written in local newspapers and stated repeatedly on previous interviews on this show: Rhode Island medical practitioners are significantly disadvantaged; are leaving the state and in some cases leaving medical practice altogether. The result is a shortage of family/primary care doctors in RI. Dr. Machata discusses how consolidation; corporate health care; government regulation; physician specialty; and more are impacting medical practitioners in a highly negative and counterproductive way. His comments are another wake-up call that is becoming louder as more and more medical practitioners speak out.

Link to video is

ARCHIVED: 3-11-19 State Plan on Alzheimer’s Disease & Related Disorders
Guest: Dan McKee, RI Lt. Governor,  
Host: Darlene D’Arezzo         Time: 30 minutes
Lt. Governor McKee discusses the new State Plan on Alzheimer’s Disease & Related Disorders as well as other initiatives of his office including proposing utility emergency response legislation; launching the 2nd Lt. Governor’s entrepreneurship challenge; advocating for small businesses; and his ongoing 39 city & town tours in an effort to understand local needs and concerns in order to encourage local organized self-advocacy and assertiveness vis-a-vis state government.
ARCHIVED: 2-25-19 Problems with Legalizing Recreational Marijuana
Guest: Michael Cerullo, What’s The Rush RI?   
Hosts: Richard August        Time: 30 Minutes
Cerullo, a mental health professional, discusses the impact legalization of recreational marijuana will have on the adolescent population. Adolescent usage has increased significantly in states where medical marijuana has been legalized. The effects on the brain of adolescents are of major concern, especially regarding early onset of schizophrenia and other psychotic conditions. Serious consideration must be given to how to control and limit access to adolescent users and the mental health care that will be needed. Cerullo supports his views with much research based evidence from states where marijuana has been legalized in one form or another. This is Cerullo’s wake-up call!

Link to video is  

ARCHIVED: 2-25-19 Progressive Legislative Agenda
Guest: Moira Walsh (D) RI House of Representatives, House 3,
Hosts: Richard August        Time: 30 minutes
Walsh prefaces her discussion with an explanation of efforts by the Reform Caucus, of which she is a member, along with the Republican members of the House to change House rules. Although these are procedural matters, she believes it is important for citizens to understand and support these efforts. Walsh talks about some of the key elements of the Progressive agenda: reproductive justice, gun control, and Medicare for all. She emphasizes that these are matters we must discuss in order to more fully understand so we can work on solutions that will eventually be realized for the benefit of the people.
ARCHIVED; Program One: 2-11-19 Municipal Contracts and Side Deals
Guest: Ken Block, political activist/reformer,  @KenBlockRI  
Hosts: Richard August        Time: 30 Minutes
Block takes a close look at municipal contracts for police and fire personnel. He speaks specifically of East Greenwich, Coventry, Providence and Warwick. His investigation has found that the process of negotiating these contracts is secretive and non-transparent; written contracts are often difficult to access and sometime not published for public review; and in a few instances the ratified parts of a contract and the actual contract was different. This is further confounded by the existence of special side deals often unknown to the public. He offers solutions which may require state legislative action.

Link to video is 

ARCHIVED: Program Two: 2-11-19 Minority Party Perspective on Government
Guest: Blake Filippi (R) Minority Leader, RI House of Representatives, House 36,
Hosts: John Carlevale        Time: 30 minutes
Filippi discusses his role as minority leader and the major concerns of the minority caucus. He asserts these concerns: “An honest and strong business climate, rooted in a level playing field, lower taxes, open and clean government, local control of planning decisions, the protection of individual liberty, and the truth that our environment is both a social and economic treasure.” The current administration’s approach to economic development is in stark contrast to the minority view, which is “end corporate welfare, enact tax and regulatory reforms that everyone can take advantage of.” Filippi comments on recent House rule changes; the need for an inspector general and a line-item veto for the governor.
Link to video
ARCHIVED: 1-28-19 Center for Freedom & Prosperity Assess Raimondo’s Proposed 2019 Budget
Guests: Mike Stenhouse AND Stephen Skoly, RI center for Freedom & Prosperity,
Host: Richard August     Time: 30 minutes
In his assessment Stenhouse asserts that the proposed budget creates greater dependence on government rather than promoting freedom and prosperity. Dr. Skoly assesses the health care provisions in the budget, and concludes they are regressive at best. Other aspects of the budget are discussed: expansion of free breakfast at schools, pre-K education expansion; school safety/gun control; school choice, all of which are intended to help; but, he price of that help is greater dependency and  infringement on constitutional rights. Stenhouse concludes: the budget takes us backwards rather than moving us forward.
ARCHIVED: 1-28-19 Behavioral Health Link Triage and Call Centers
Guest: Ben Lessing, CEO of Community Care Alliance, (a Horizon Health partner) runs BH Link, .
Host: Darlene D’Arezzo    Time: 30 minutes
The Behavioral Health Link triage and call centers (BH Link) opened in November 2018. It is administered by Community Care Alliance of which Ben Lessing is CEO. He tells us of the coming together of community service agencies to create new partnerships and collaborations resulting in Horizon Health Partners, Community Care Alliance and this program’s topic of discussion, BH Link. This is a fascinating story of human service professionals coming together to first survive and then to serve their intended clientele better. Challenges remain but progress has been substantial.
ARCHIVED: 1-14-19 Eighteen Historic Armories in Rhode Island
Guests: Colonel Ron Barnes, Pawtuxet Armory and Brigadier General Richard Valente, Warren Armory
Host: Roberta Humble, Westerly Armory    Time: 30 minutes
Humble authored a book, The Historic Armories of Rhode Island. She and her two guests Ron Barnes and Richard Valente have been directly involved with the restoration of some of these historic buildings.  Host and guests share their experience and knowledge of the eighteen historic armories featured in Humble’s PowerPoint presentation. The beauty and variation of architectural style is eye candy to many Rhode Islanders who have worked to restore many of these buildings. Some are in disrepair and are endangered. Nevertheless, they are in the author’s words “something to crow about.” For more information visit and and and    
ARCHIVED: 1-14-19 Sexual Harassment Complaints Under Title IX
Guests: John Grasso, Esq, Law Office of John R. Grasso, Inc.
Peter Allen, Prof Emeritus-RIC, served on the disciplinary board at RIC
Host: Richard August     Time: 30 minutes
Guests Grasso and Allen have been involved in sexual harassment complaints held under Title IX adjudication at local colleges and universities. Grasso is a practicing criminal defense attorney. Allen served a term on the RI College disciplinary board. The adjudication process under this jurisdiction is fraught with legal and constitutional contradictions and problems.  It has been likened as a kangaroo court. Guests discuss the many challenges faced by the accused in particular, as well as those hearing the complaint. This is an enlightening discussion indeed.
ARCHIVED: 12-10-18 Rhode Map: The Puzzling Trivia Game
Guest: Roberta Humble, Author & RI Booster,
Host: john Carlevale         Time: 30 minutes
Roberta Humble writes books and creates games to promote her beloved state and educate Rhode Islanders about their state. Rhode Map: The Puzzling Trivia Game is her newest creation and adds to the collection of books and games she has created to promote and enhance not only RI but also feelings of state pride among its citizens. Her first book The Right to Crow offered many good reasons to crow and also feel good about ourselves. The collection now includes fifteen items that educate and delight Rhode Islanders. For more information contact Roberta at .
ARCHIVED: 12-10-18 Providence Emergency Management Agency
Guest: Kevin Kugel, Director, Providence Emergency Management Agency,
Host: Darlene D’Arezzo    Time: 30 minutes
Kevin Kugel is the Director of Providence Emergency Management Agency created in part “to reduce the loss of life and property and protect the City of Providence from all hazards.” The agency is one among ten cities to have received EMAP Accreditation nationally. Kugel describes the various stages of preparedness as it applies to government and citizens. He offers good practical advice as to what to do and not to do under various hazardous conditions and tells us what to include in our personal preparedness kits should we be faced with a hazardous event. For more information visit    Link to video is
ARCHIVED: Program One: 11-26-18 2018 General Election Postscript
Guests: Richard August; Spencer Dickinson; Mike Stenhouse
Host: John Carlevale         Time: 60 minutes
Many topics and subtopics are discussed pertaining to the outcome of the 2018 general election and its antecedents events. Among these is the viability of the RI Republican Party and the apparent changes within the RI Democratic Party. Forthcoming are many questions and speculations: Will House of Representatives rules change? What legislation might emerge as a result? How was Gina Raimondo able to achieve the majority of votes given the number of gubernatorial candidates and her low approval rating? With many shared impressions interceding, a discussion of the rising level of incivility within our political and social discourse brought the show to an end begging the question: How do we change this? How do we restore civility?
ARCHIVED: Program One: 11-5-18 Ray Rickman Receives the Frederick Douglass Award
Guest: Ray Rickman,
Host: Darlene D’Arezzo         Time: 60 minutes
This program celebrates Ray Rickman’s recognition and award for leadership in the struggle for civil and human rights for over 40 years. Rickman states that it was a most humbling experience to stand and receive this award in the same place as Frederick Douglass stood once before in the African American Meeting House. Childhood experiences play a formative hand in Rickman’s future role as an activist, with his mother as a prime guide and role model. He is far from being done as he talks about his current initiatives and his “bucket list” for future advocacy on behalf of others.
ARCHIVED: Program Two: 11-5-18 Governor’s Working Group on Gun Safety Report
Guest: Debra Jacobs, RI Revolver and Rifle Association,
Host: Richard August     Time: 60 minutes
This is a first look and discussion of the Governor’s working group on gun and school safety report. Jacobs views the report from a perspective, which was glaringly lacking, that is, the perspective of firearm owners’ rights. Because of this missing point of view, Jacobs asserts that there is much misinformation, misguided agenda, and an extremely lopsided working group membership. She sees a most glaring problem in the priority of concerns with collection of data being the top priority and mental health resources for school children in last place.

Link to video is

ARCHIVED: 10-22-18 Candidates for Governor
Guests: Candidates for governor: Anne Armstrong (I); William Gilbert (M); Luis Danile Minoz, (I)
Host: John Carlevale         Time: 60 minutes
Although unique in many ways, these three candidates share an overarching perspective that we must work together to solve the problems we face. Unlike the major party candidates, there is no hostility, criticism and disrespect; they are accepting of each other and recognize each other’s knowledge and skill. They comment on the problems we face; UHIP failures; health care and health insurance; the RI budget; economic development; and our common enterprise-working together. They are refreshing, thoughtful and hopeful.

Link to video is

ARCHIVED: 10-22-18 Candidates for General Treasurer
Guests: Seth Magazine (D) Candidate for General Treasurer
              Mike Riley (R) Candidate for General Treasurer
Host: Richard August         Time: 30 minutes
Both candidates bring their financial experience to this discussion. They often agree on the goals for managing the peoples’ money but differ on the approach and underlying philosophy. They discuss the pension reform initiated by former Treasurer Raimondo with interesting differing perspectives. Management fees; rate of return; reestablishing the COLA; realistic and unrealistic expectations for the pension fund are discussed. BankLocal and CollegeBound Saver (529 Plan) are two programs generating greater consensus.       Link to video is
ARCHIVED: 10-1-18 Candidates for Lt. Governor
Guests:   Dan McKee, (D ); Paul Pence, (R ); Joel Hellman, (M ); Ross McCurdy, (I )
Host: Richard August         Time: 60 minutes
These four candidates engage in an interesting and sometimes revealing discussion of topics. Should the Lt. Governor and Governor candidates be elected as a team as is the USA President and Vice President? Should the Lt. Governor be part of the governor’s administrative office with certain roles and duties? What should be the method of filling a Lt. Governor’s vacancy of office? They also comment, sometimes with consensus and sometimes with creative interpretations, on the loss of the PawSox; STEM education; Burrillville power plant; marriage equity; Roe v. Wade concerns; and US Supreme Court judge selection.      
ARCHIVED: 9-24-18 Candidates for Secretary of State
Guests: Pat Cortellessa, (R) Candidate for Secretary of State,  
              Nellie Gorbea, (D) Candidate for Secretary of State,
Host: Richard August and Darlene D’Arezzo         Time: 30 minutes
Incumbent Gorbea and challenger Cortellessa discuss several topics relating to the Office of Secretary of State, particularly relating to the Elections Division. The broadened use of emergency ballots to serve as an early voting mechanism under Secretary Gorbea was the initial topic of discussion, which was expanded to a discussion of a genuine form of early voting, yet to be established. Guests also discussed candidates being elected to office by a plurality of vote and the need for run-off elections; moving the primary election day; poll worker training and compensation; the current Voter ID; and more.
ARCHIVED: 9-24-18 Media, Politics and Government
Guest: Edward Achorn, VP & Editorial Pages Editor, Providence Journal,
Host: Richard August         Time: 30 minutes
The topic implies a potential broad range of topics and a guest of experience and prominence. So it was: Achorn comments on primary election results; progressive Democrats rising; waning support for the Speaker of the House; multiple candidates in the governor’s race; Morgan vs. Kilmartin regarding access to and cost of public records; editorial pages content and diversity; accusations of wrongdoing and the question of due process; the evolution and future of print media; Providence Journal political endorsements; and all that is in between.
ARCHIVED: 9-19-18 Do It Man: The Story of the Celebrity Club

Guests: Norm Grant and Tom Shaker. Documentarians and film makers,

Host: John Carlevale            Time: 30 minutes

The film by Grant and Shaker is more than the story of the Celebrity Club, the first interracial nightclub in New England. It is also a story of the creators’ love of Jazz music and their devotion to telling a great story and recognizing the importance of the Celebrity Club, and the musicians and patrons who found it home. Grant and Shaker talk about Paul Fillipi, the club’s owner and visionary, the Randal Square neighborhood where the club was located; race relation in the 1950’s in Providence; the making of the film from shared memories, memorabilia and much more. A special event is scheduled on October 12th to celebrate and show the film. Visit for more infomation.

Link to video is

ARCHIVED: 9-10-18 Tomaquag Museum’s 60th Anniversary
Guest: Loren Spears, Executive Director, Tomaquag Museum,
Host: John Carlevale         Time: 30 minutes
The Tomaquag Museum is celebrating its 60th anniversary with a wide array of events, which began this September and continue into 2019. Loren Spears highlights past and upcoming events which include:  Rhythym & Roots Partnership; Trinity Rep Partnetrships; various native American art shows; monthly changing contemporary art exhibits; historical garden, digital history tour; a mural in Providence; Smithsonian Day Live/Cranberry Thanksgiving; PBS partnership-Native American Series; indigenous gardens, curriculum & programming, and much more.    
For more information visit
Link to video is
ARCHIVED: 9-10-18 Anne Armstrong for Governor
Guest: Anne Armstrong, Compassion Party (I),   
Host: John Carlevale         Time: 30 minutes
Armstrong, an electrical engineer, began her political odyssey and awakening four years ago as she began testifying on behalf of medical marijuana legislation. As governor she would promote a new method of paying for and providing social services for those in need. Her answer to the UHIP computer failure is simplification. Regarding education, she is shocked at how far we have fallen and she believes that education has become politicized and coopted to some extent. Immigration matters have also become politicized and this prevents reasonable solutions.
ARCHIVED: 8-27-18 Republican Primary Candidates for Governor
Guests: Giovanni Feroce, (R) Candidate for Governor,  
               Patricia Morgan (R) Candidate for Governor,  
Host: Richard August     Time: 60 minutes
Once again with the deliberate absence of Allan Fund, these two candidates for the Republican Party’s nomination discuss their views on many topics and offer what their plans and goals for governor will be. Topics for discussion of course include Fung’s chosen absence; the UHIP debacle; single payer health care legislation; Roe v. Wade for RI; gun control legislation; ever green contracts and more. At the close of the interview Feroce and Morgan discuss the most important and immediate things they would do as governor. Party primary elections are on Wednesday, September 12th. Be sure to vote!
Link to video is
ARCHIVED: 8-27-18 Democratic Primary Candidates for Mayor of Providence
Guests: Kobi Dennis, Robert DeRobbio, Jorger Elorza, (D) Candidates for Mayor,
Host: John Carlevale         Time: 60 minutes
Each candidate introduces himself and shares his personal and professional experience. They then are asked to note what they believe are the three most important challenges facing Providence. They subsequently address questions regarding the Providence pension system; the sale or leasing of Providence Water; status of teacher contract; school infrastructure maintenance, repair and new school construction; and the question of Providence being sanctuary city and its meaning to the city and its residents. The political party primaries are on Wednesday, September 12th. Please vote!
Link to video is 
ARCHIVED: 8-16-18 Democratic Primary Candidates for Governor
Guest: Spencer Dickinson, (D) Candidate for Governor,
Host: Richard August
Dickinson addresses the absence of the other two democrat candidates for governor as being not only undemocratic but also a disservice to votes. He proceeds to underscore the poor decisions made by Raimondo, her administration and the general assembly during her tenure. He cites the pension reform package, 38 Studios, truck tools and other examples of poor decisions during this period. Dickinson asserts that his leadership as governor will aim to solve the many problems the state faces by utilizing the knowledge and skill of all who want input and have a commitment to improving matters.
ARCHIVED: 8-16-18 Democratic Primary Candidates for Lt. Governor
Guest: Aaron Regunberg, (D) Candidate for Lt. Governor,
Host: Richard August    Time: 30 minutes
Regunberg asserts that McKee has strayed away from core values of the Democratic Party and suggests that the progressive wing of the party, of which he is a notable member, best represents the core values, which he articulates throughout this interview. His legislative work as a state representative demonstrates his commitment to these values and to the average citizens he represents. His legislative efforts include minimum wage hikes, paid sick leave, gun control, and an effort to codify abortion rights into the RI Constitution. His greatest pet peeve is the excessive influence over legislative decisions to the disadvantage of the average citizen.
ARCHIVED: 7-23-18 Candidates for US Senate
Guest: Robetrt Flanders, (R) Candidate for US Senate,   
Host: Mike Stenhouse
Incumbent Senator Whitehouse had devoted much time in the Senate speaking of climate change. Flanders asserts that the climate change most needed in Congress would be achieved by removing Whitehouse from the Senate. The climate change Flanders is referring to is the hyper partisanship of Congress exemplified by Whitehouse himself. This interview explores how Flanders would demonstrate and use his problem solving skills to address the matters of most concern in a non-partisan manner, an approach most needed in Congress today and sorely lacking. The views of these two candidates are compared and contrasted, notwithstanding the absence of Whitehouse, who was not able to participate.    Link to video is
ARCHIVED: 7-23-18 Candidates for Lt. Governor
Guest: Dan McKee, (D) Candidate for Lt. Governor,
Host: Richard August
Lt. Governor McKee is seeking reelection and will be challenged in the Democratic Party primary election by Representative Aaron Regunberg. Although members of the same political party these two candidates differ on many issues, concerns and policies; but they also agree on some matters. This interview is an attempt to compare and contrast their views and positions. A wide range of topics are discussed and these and other matters shall be discussed further during our next interview with both candidates present.
Link to video is
ARCHIVED: 7-9-18 Kobi Dennis for Mayor of Providence
Guest: Kobi Dennis, (D) Candidate for Mayor of Providence,  
Host: John Carlevale
Born and raised in the south side of Providence, Kobi Dennis has been a successful and honored community leader. To continue his efforts and devotion to Providence, he has declared his candidacy for mayor. His platform and vision has a short and long list, which includes safe neighborhoods; collective governance; reinvigorating the city and more. He discusses some poor policy and bad ideas of the current administration: speed cameras; parking meters; inadequate funding of public pensions; the sale/lease of Providence water system. For more information visit

ARCHIVED: 7-9-18 Legislative Review and Upcoming Elections
Guests: Richard August & Mike Stenhouse Hosts and co-producers-State of the State
Host: John Carlevale
Is the RI Democratic Party at odds with itself? The escalating rift between the progressive wing and the non-progressive/more moderate wing of the party seems to indicate so. This division seems to be showing itself in many local and statewide primary races. August characterizes this as a battle for the soul of the Democratic Party. Stenhouse suggests that these philosophical differences are having a server and paralyzing impact on the Democrats and their public policy initiatives. These generalities show in more specific discussions of legislation and laws enacted.

Link to video is

ARCHIVED: 6-25-18 Pat Cortellessa for Secretary of State
Guest: Pat Cortellessa, (R) Candidate for Secretary of State,  
Host: John Carlevale
Cortellessa’s main goals are to stop the flow of illegal immigration into RI and to support and protect legal immigrants in RI; to promote the redistribution of $272 million tax dollars now being spent on illegal immigrants back to RI taxpayers; to support Voter ID and the US Census question, “Are you a US citizen?” He also talks about early voting; changing the date of political party primary elections; driver licenses for DACA Dreamers and taxpayer funding of DACA renewal applications; and charging countries of origin for services provided to illegal immigrants in RI.
ARCHIVED: 6-25-18 Recently Passed Firearm Legislation
Guest: Charles Calenda, Attorney, Inman & Tourgee,   
Host: Richard August
Calenda is an attorney with considerable litigation experience pertaining to firearm matters. He discusses and explains the complexities of recently passed firearm legislation. The major focus is the Red Flag legislation, which has provisions which are clear cut on the one hand but concerning on the other. An example of the latter is the expansion of the definition of firearms. He points out that the state has preemption, which prohibits other bodies like municipalities from regulating guns. Also discussed are stun-guns, carry permits, and the handling and care of firearms following seizure.

Link to video is

ARCHIVED: Robert DeRobbio for Mayor of Providence
Guest: Robert DeRobbio, (D) Candidate for Mayor,
Host: John Carlevale
DeRobbio is an educator, a former superintendent of schools in Providence. He is the CEO and President of Ocean State Learning. And now he is a candidate for Mayor of Providence. DeRobbio believes in consensus building to solve the problems facing the Capitol City. He asserts that it is a simple and effective idea, which has not yet been used in Providence. He discusses the issues facing city residents: speed cameras; parking meters; education and school building disrepair. The greatest threat to the city is its pension system-significantly underfunded-and begging for a bailout, with the proposed sale of Providence Water System. What are DeRobbio’s thoughts?

Link to video is

ARCHIVED: 6-11-18 Matt Brown for Governor
Guest: Matt Brown, (D) Candidate for Governor,
Host: Richard August
Brown will compete in the Democratic Party primary election with three other candidates who seek the nomination for governor. He discusses a broad range of topics from abortion rights to state Medicaid cuts and their impact on many Rhode Islanders. The state’s approach to economic development is wrong by giving taxpayer money to corporations instead of growing the economy in ways that facilitate and promote small business development and the growing sectors of the economy like clean energy and healthcare. Brown asserts: We need a robust and growing economy in areas where Rhode Island can demonstrate leadership. There is much more.
ARCHIVED: 6-11-18 Challenges of Practicing Medicine in R.I.
Guests: David Kahn, MD,  and Alexandra Tien, MD,  
Host: Richard August
Doctors Kahn and Tien had commentaries published in the Providence Journal within days of each other about the challenges of practicing medicine in Rhode Island. Tien asserts that RI is one of the worst places to practice medicine. Kahn suggests that the pressures placed on medical doctors by insurance companies and government is contributing to the loss of medical personnel. Such pressures have reduced the time doctors actually spend attending to their patients. It is a difficult balancing act, which is causing many doctors to question if they should continue to practice medicine.

Link to video is

ARCHIVED: 5-14-18 Providence Pension Crisis: No Simple Solutions
Guest: Samuel Zurier, Providence City Councilman
Host: Mike Stenhouse    Time: 30 minutes
Councilman Zurier expresses his concern regarding the Providence City pension system and views it in crisis. He points out that there are no simple solutions; but there are solutions, which all stakeholders must be a part of. The sources of the problems go back decades and Zurier notes these in historical perspective. He gives credit where credit is due regarding various attempts to address pension problems; and some solutions have helped. However, all these attempts have been less than adequate as the crisis continues to worsen. Future solutions are discussed and evaluated, including bankruptcy.

Link to video is

ARCHIVED: 5-4-18 Status of Legislation in RI House  
Guest: Camille Vella-Wilkinson, Representative, House District 21    
Host: Richard August     Time: 30 minutes
Representative Vella-Wilkinson discusses the status of bills she has sponsored/cosponsored or otherwise has supported. Topics include municipal contacts; binding arbitration; city comprehensive planning; driver licenses for undocumented residents; requirements for school administration personnel; and much more. She has been a strong advocate of veteran affairs and has sponsored legislation in support. She is especially concerned about matters of sexual harassment in the military and her efforts to find an accurate assessment is ongoing. She supports the line item veto and hopes it will be a referendum item on the general election ballot.

Link to video is

ARCHIVED: Program One: 5-7-18 Lincoln Chafee for US Senate  
Guest: Lincoln Chafee, Candidate for US Senate
Host: Richard August    Time: 30 minutes
To begin, Chafee explains how and why he is a candidate for US Senate and asserts “I want to win this one!” He identifies what is important to him: environment; civil liberties; fiscal responsibility; role of government; commitment to peace not war and more. He further asserts that the Democratic National Committee is broken and needs to be fixed. By being a member of Congress he is better positioned to work on that fix. Chafee discusses other matters important to him with conviction and offers solutions based on his thirty years of public service experience.

Link to video is

ARCHIVED: Program Two: 5-7-18 Salvatore Caiozzo for US Congress 
Guest: Salvatore Caiozzo, Candidate for US Congress,   
Host: John Carlevale     Time: 30 minutes
Caiozzo is a disabled veteran who understands in a very personal way the predicament and needs of veterans. He has devoted his time and effort on their behalf. But he points out that there are many other Rhode Islanders who also require help in many areas, like affordable housing; adequate and affordable healthcare; better paying jobs; and better and more relevant education. A key solution is to improve vocational education in job areas that better meet our vocational and economic needs. Caiozzo asserts that he is a problem solver and man of action.
Link to video is
ARCHIVED: 4-23-18 Paul Pence  
Guest: Paul Pence, Candidate for Lt. Governor,
Host: Richard August    Time: 30 minutes
Paul Pence is a systems analyst and engineer. He has been responsible for developing and maintaining quality, efficiency and reliability of production systems. He asserts that government is not unlike any business or production system; therefore, he wants to apply his knowledge and skill to improve government functioning of behalf of Rhode Island citizens. He believes that the Office of Lt. Governor is good place to aid the process of improving government efficiency and accountability and solving existing governmental problems.

Link to video is

ARCHIVED: 4-23-18 Tuttle’s Travels: The Newport Cliff Walk  
Guest: Mike Tuttle, Producer, Tuttle’s Travels   
Host: Mike Tuttle     Time: 30 minutes
Mike Tuttle is a member of the State of the State production team. He is also the producer of his own show, Tuttle’s Travels. During this episode, Tuttle takes us to the Newport Cliff Walk and shares with us the beautiful adjacent scenery and bits of Newport history and facts pertaining to the vistas he shares. Perhaps this show may encourage us viewers to the visit the Newport Cliff Walk and experience its wonderful vistas for ourselves. Enjoy!

Link to video is

ARCHIVED: 4-9-18 Legislation Introduced in Senate  
Guest: James Sheehan, R.I. Senator,
Host: Richard August    Time: 30 minutes
Senator Sheehan discusses bills before the Senate ranging from gun control to improving government functioning. Part of the discussion includes gun control bills which prohibit certain semi-automatic fire devices on guns, banning guns on school property and other related school safety matters. Improving government bills include such measures as the need for an inspector general; the line item veto for the governor; applying the judicial selection process to magistrate selection. Another bill addresses the matter of non-disclosure agreements as they relates to sexual harassment, abuse and stalking.

Link to video is

ARCHIVED: 4-9-18 Firearm Legislation and the 2nd Amendment  
Guest: Mike Chippendale, R.I. Representative,   
Host: Richard August     Time: 30 minutes
Representative Mike Chippendale comments on some of the 23 firearm bills which have been introduced in the R.I. House from the perspective of a 2nd Amendment advocate. He asserts that many of these bills are looking for a problem which does not exist in R.I. These bills often lack the common sense and logic needed for problem solving in passing effective legislation. These bills cover a wide range of foci including the safe school act; restricting magazine size; gun carry permitting; age requirements; and more. Many of these bills are reactionary in nature and include much election year rhetoric and pandering.
Link to video is
ARCHIVED: 3-26-18 Federal Tax Law Changes  
Guests: Gregory Porcaro, CPA, Otrando Porcaro & Associates,
       Mike Stenhouse, CEO, RI Center for Freedom & Prosperity,      
Host: Richard August    Time: 30 minutes
The federal tax law changes which take effect this year remove most previous deductions in an effort at simplifying. However, on an individual basis the benefits are a function of tax bracket and circumstance and consequently may vary significantly. The result generally is a lessening of the individual tax burden. On a corporate level, the benefits vary even more but are in general resulting in economic growth. Particular examples are offered to illustrate these variations. Our guests share the consensus that the overall results of these changes are beneficial.

Link to video is

ARCHIVED: 3-26-18 Rhode Island Gun Laws  
Guest: David Strachman, Attorney, McIntyre Tate LLP.  
Host: Richard August     Time: 30 minutes
Attorney Strachman has considerable experience litigating gun law cases in Rhode Island and uses these cases to illustrate the complexity and sometimes the inconsistencies in laws pertaining to gun carry permits and especially the interpretation of these laws. The RI Firearms Act has a preemptive clause which gives the general assembly sole regulation. Hence, municipalities cannot promulgate laws relating to firearms. This is the source of much of the confusion, misapplication and misadministration of Rhode Island guns laws. Strachman guides us through this quagmire to help us better understand.

Link to video is

ARCHIVED: 3-12-18 Giovanni Feroce for Governor  
Guest: Giovanni Feroce, Republican candidate for governor,     
Host: John Carlevale    Time: 30 minutes
Feroce was first elected to serve in the RI Senate in 1992. He is most noted as an entrepreneur and former CEO of Alex and Ani. He believes the state is lacking the right leadership and he is the most qualified to take the state where it needs to go in terms of government performance, jobs and the economy. His vision for the state requires a new perspective and he believes he has the type of unique experience, knowledge and skill-set needed. Feroce’s solution regarding school infrastructure and safety are pragmatic. On a PawSox stadium, he believes the model is unacceptable as is.

Link to video is

ARCHIVED: 3-12-18 Luis-Daniel Munoz for Governor  
Guest: Luis-Daniel Munoz, Independent candidate for governor,   
Host: Mike Stenhouse    Time: 30 minutes
Munoz is a non-practicing medical doctor and founder of a medical technology company. He offers a wide array of experience in the medical field and healthcare, having studied various healthcare models abroad. His technology background gives him a unique set of skills and knowledge for decision making in this day and age of complex digital systems and decision making. Munoz offers his views on a variety of topics related to government function, economic development, healthcare systems, taxes, education, school safety and more.

Link to video is

ARCHIVED: 3-12-18 Planning for Better Health Care  
Guest: Neil Steinberg, President and CEO, Rhode Island Foundation,
Host: Richard August     Time: 30 minutes
The RI Foundation has begun looking at improving healthcare outcomes and healthcare models and launching a new initiative called TogetherRI, which will soon begin a community based effort to solicit public concerns and ideas. Visit for more information about where and when meeting will begin in your community. Steingberg talks about academic medical centers, primary care focused models and other approaches to improving healthcare outcomes. He stresses the fact that people are not being heard on many matters affecting them directly.
Link to video is
ARCHIVED: 2-26-18 Bob Flanders  for US Senate  
Guest: Robert Flanders, Jr., Republican Candidate for US Senate,  
Host: Mike Stenhouse    Time: 30 minutes
Robert Flanders shall face off with Bobby Nardolillo in a Republican Party primary race in September. This interview addresses a wide range of state and national topics. The topics discussed include such matters as federal government shutdown; bipartisanship; national economy, federal tax reform; foreign policy; immigration; sanctuary cities and states; foreign trade policy; etc. Flanders points to his independent thinking and problem-solving abilities throughout his public service career and his style to work in a non-partisan way for the benefit of all.
Link to video is
ARCHIVED: 2-26-18 Paul Roselli for Governor  
Guests: Paul Roselli, Democrat Candidate for Governor,
Host: Richard August     Time: 30 minutes
Paul Roselli faces Spencer Dickinson and Gina Raimondo in a Democratic Party primary election in September. Opposing the proposed energy plant in Burrillville, he is a strong environmentalist and proponent of alternative energy sources. The UHIP cost overruns, gun control and school safety, single payer health insurance and the proposed new PAWSOX stadium are also part of this conversation. For more information about his ideas and devotions go to Roselli’s website .
Link to video is
ARCHIVED: 2-12-18 Bobby Nardolillo for US Senate  
Guest: Bobby Nardolillo,  
Host: Mike Stenhouse    Time: 30 minutes
RI Representative Nardolillo shall face off with Robert Flanders, Jr. in a Republican Party primary race in September. This interview addresses a wide range of state and national topics. The topics discussed include but are not limited to such matters as federal government shutdown; bipartisanship; national economy, federal tax reform; foreign policy; immigration; sanctuary cities and states; foreign trade policy; etc. Nardolillo is straightforward in his views, which he believes represent those of his constituents and not a political ideology.

Link to video is

ARCHIVED: 2-12-18 Gun Control Legislation Pending  
Guests: Gail Hogan, Secretary-RI Revolver & Rifle Association,
               Steve Hogan, Lobbyist- RI Revolver & Rifle Association,
Host: Richard August     Time: 30 minutes
Gail and Steve Hogan have been members of the RI Revolver & Rifle Association, which consist of law-abiding gun owners, for over twenty years. They discuss their support or non-support of several bills currently before the general assembly this legislative session. They point out how some bills are constructive will others are counter-productive or fail to address the underlying issues and concerns of guns in the hands of criminals and others who should not possess firearms.

Link to video is

ARCHIVED: 1-22-18 Aaron Regunberg for Lt. Governor  
Guest: Aaron Regunberg,
Host: Richard August    Time: 30 minutes
Aaron Regunberg is a candidate for Lt. Governor, who will be in the Democratic Party primary election along with the incumbent Lt. Governor, Dan McKee. Regunberg is a Progressive Democrat who believes our system needs change because it is highly influenced by professional lobbyists and average Rhode Islanders have no lobbyist working on their behalf. As Lt. Governor, he will act as a lobbyist for the general public. Throughout the interview, Regunberg refers to core democratic principles which have been abandoned by many Democratic legislators. The current group of Progressive Democrats aim to reverse this trend.  Link to video is
ARCHIVED: 1-22-18 Joe Trillo for Governor  
Guest: Joe Trillo,
Host: John Carlevale     Time: 30 minutes
Joe Trillo, a former legislator and retired businessman, is an Independent candidate for governor. He believes that the state of RI has been heading in the wrong direction for a long time and that a dramatic course correction is needed to put it on a course of better government and prosperity. Trillo believes his extensive background as a small businessman and sixteen years as a legislator is the knowledge and skill set needed to restore prosperity and confidence in government. He asserts that he is for “radical change” because that is what is needed and articulates what he means.
ARCHIVED: 1-8-18 Patricia Morgan for Governor  
Guest: Patricia Morgan,
Host: John Carlevale     Time: 30 minutes
Patricia Morgan will face off against Allan Fung and Giovanni Feroce in the Republican Party primary in September. Her experience as Minority Leader and active legislator in the RI House of Representatives has helped prepare and motivate her to run for governor. She has formulated “A bold plan to create brighter futures in R.I.” by strong efforts to restore trust; protect free enterprise, cut taxes; implement common sense policies; improve education and focusing on reducing the high cost of living in R. I.

ARCHIVED; 1-8-18 Spencer Dickinson for Governor  
Guests: Spencer Dickinson,
Host: Richard August    Time: 30 minutes
Spencer Dickinson will challenge incumbent governor Gina Raimondo in the Democratic Party primary in September. Given his experience as a former legislator and business owner, along with his study of the major issues facing Rhode Island, he believes he has a better approach to governing and managing state agencies. In a discussion of many topics, Dickinson clarifies his position and points out what he believes should have been done and what he would do as governor in contrast to Raimondo.  He offers voters not only a choice but a different style of leadership and direction for state government.
ARCHIVED: 12-11-17 Providence Swings  
Guests: Vivian Madrid, Board Member/Dance Instructor; Jennifer Stout, Board Member/Dance Instructor; Daryl Begin, Dance Instructor     Host: John Carlevale     Time: 30 minutes
Providence Swings is devoted to promoting the music and dance of the Swing Era. It offers dance classes, sponsors events which bring the music and people together in a relaxed and supportive social setting, and much more. The group shall celebrate its 14th Anniversary in February, 2018 and shall host a large international event in April 2018 called Lil’ Rhody Big Swingout. Our guests are Providence Swings dance instructors, two give a dance demonstration at the end of their interview. For more information visit
Link to video is
ARCHIVED: 12-11-17 Let’s Move on to Single-payer  
Guest: Andrew Brem, MD, Professor Emeritus of Pediatrics at Brown U, Alpert Medical School
Host: Richard August     Time: 30 minutes
This interview was prompted by a commentary written by Dr. Brem, entitled “Let’s move on to single-payer,” which appeared in the Providence Journal on 12-2-2017. At the onset, Dr. Brem makes an important distinction between single-payer and socialized medicine. He also points out what we are currently spending on healthcare and health care insurance under the current multitude of providers and insurers. He believes that a single-payer system would work better and be more affordable.

Link to video is

ARCHIVED: 11-27-17 Lt. Governor McKee Seeks Reelection  
Guest: Daniel McKee, RI Lt. Governor,  
Host: Richard August     Time: 30 minutes
In seeking reelection to a second term, Lt. Governor McKee asserts that “experience counts, achievements matter.” In support of this assertion, he speaks of his implemented initiatives and describes what he has accomplished so far with these and what he continues to strive for. In summation, he also acknowledges that the work is never done and fine tuning is part of the process. We note here that McKee is being challenged in the Democratic primary election by Representative Aaron Regunberg.

Link to video is 

ARCHIVED: 11-27-17 Proposed Federal Tax Reform Legislation  
Guests: Mike Stenhouse, CEO-Center for freedom & Prosperity,
               Gregory Porcaro, CPA, Otrando Porcaro & Associates,  
Host: Richard August     Time: 30 minutes
Mike Stenhouse, a Harvard educated economist, and Gregory Porcaro, a practicing CPA discuss various changes to the federal tax code under formation in the US House and Senate. This interview was prompted by a ProJo commentary written by Stenhouse and an oppositional commentary written by Congressman Cicillini. In addition to the changes offered, our guests also address the opposition of some based on their loss of special interest carve-outs.

Link to video is

ARCHIVED: Aristocats: A Rhode Island Jazz, Swing & Dixieland Band
Guests: Lloyd Kaplan; Joe Holtzman-drums; Nat Piccirilli; Dennis Pratt Host: Tom Shaker Time: 60 minutes The Aristocats have been performing in various configurations since 1982/1983. Many musicians, who have earned national and international recognition and themselves have performed with some of the most successful names in Jazz and Swing music, have been members of the Aristocats. Currently, the Band is comprised of its founder Lloyd Kaplan, Joe Holtzman, Nat Piccirilli, and Dennis Pratt, whose ages range from 66 to 97. Not only are these folks great musicians but also they are music educators, authors and inventors. For book information visit
Contact Aristocats via Lloyd Kaplan by email or telephone 401-398-2441.
ARCHIVED: 10-23-17 Progressive Legislative Agenda  
Guests: Representative Marcia Ranglin-Vassell, District 5,  & Representative Moira Walsh, District 3,       Host: Richard August     Time: 30 minutes
Representatives Marcia Ranglin-Vassell and Moira Walsh are first term legislators and members of the growing Progressive Democrats faction of the Democratic Party. They share a common philosophy, which includes the idea that government should work for all people, especially those in need. They discuss their support of the progressive legislative agenda which includes a living wage; single-payer health care; earned sick leave; taxing the rich in order to help pay for progressive programs, and more. Both point out that progressive Democrats support greater efficiencies in government spending and doing away with corporate welfare.
ARCHIVED: 9-25-17 Rhode Island Voting Irregularities  
Guest: Ken Block, President – Simpatico Software Systems
Host: Mike Stenhouse     Time: 30 minutes
Ken Block has researched RI voting practices and has presented his findings to the Presidential Commission investigating voting irregularities. Block’s findings are alarming. For example: He asserts that approximately 143 thousand people in RI voted last November who have no license or other corroborating evidence on file. Secretary of State Nellie Gorbea refutes Blocks findings but she declined to participate in this important discussion. Block also asserts that his investigation is aimed at shining light on and solving these voting problems.
ARCHIVED: 9-25-17 Legislation That Hurts RI Business and Economy  
Guest: Leonidas Raptakis, RI Senator, District 33
Host: Richard August     Time: 30 minutes
Senator Raptakis is among a group of legislators from both chambers of the RI general assembly who believe that some bills recently passes and some pending will hurt Rhode Island businesses and the economy. The legislation discussed include mandatory sick pay; a single-payer healthcare system; minimum wage, truck tolls; free tuition for DACA-Dreamers residing in RI; taking of State House property to build a bus terminal; failure to pass a child protection law for children left in cars; and the yet to be decided matter of public funding of a new PawSox stadium.
ARCHIVED: 9-11-17 Single-payer Healthcare Systems  
Guest: Luis Daniel Munoz, M.D.,
Host: John Carlevale     Time: 60 minutes
Dr. Munoz has studied single-payer healthcare systems and has visited nations which have single-payer healthcare in operation in various forms. This discussion is predicated on the fact that bills before the RI legislature pose to create the RI Comprehensive Insurance Program (RICHIP), which is a single-payer model. A study by the RI Center for Freedom and Prosperity estimates that this would add $5.4 billion to the state budget. Other models from other countries are brought into this discussion, which provides a basis for discussion and comparison.
Link to video is
ARCHIVED: 8-28-17 Morgan on Past, Present & Future Considerations  
Guest: Patricia Morgan, House Minority Leader,
Host: Richard August     Time: 30 minutes
Starting with future considerations, August asks about Morgan’s intent to be a candidate for governor. Her discussion of the question is hopeful and explains why she is likely to seek the office. Morgan then addresses past and present concerns, among which are an out-of-balance $9.2 billion budget; costly lingering pending legislation; new hires by the governor totaling $29 million; DCYF problems; Morgan’s continuing investigation of Public Relations firms hired by the governor; and the progressive democrats’ legislative agenda, which would add an additional $6 billion to the existing budget.

Link to video is

ARCHIVED: 8-28-17 Charlottesville, VA Event & Aftermath  
Guests: Patrick Conley, Author & Historian,
               Ray Rickman, Stages of Freedom,
Host: John Carlevale     Time: 30 minutes
Conley and Rickman are astute historians, who have devoted their adult lives and professional work to teaching history so that we might learn from it and not forget it. Rickman acknowledges that our progress has moved forward and backwards and forward. Extremist on the political right and left worry Conley as progress requires deliberation by level headed people. Rickman supports free speech but is against hate speech; there are limits to free speech. Conley advises: don’t glorify Confederate history; study it. We seem to be in a tug of war of political thought and our views of our national history.

Link to video is

ARCHIVES: 8-7-17 The Cost of the Progressive Wave  
Guest: Mike Stenhouse, CEO, The Center for Freedom & Prosperity,
Host: Richard August    Time: 60 minutes
Proposed Progressive legislation would add $6 billion burden on Rhode Island. Details of this legislation are outlined in a new report by the Center for Freedom & Prosperity entitled The Cost of the Progressive Wave. The report can be found at Stenhouse discusses the more costly of these proposals during this interview: single-payer government-run health insurance; minimum wage increases; mandatory paid time off; new tax on petroleum products/carbon tax; school funding changes; taxpayer payment of student loans; and more.
Link to video is https:
ARCHIVED: 7-24-17 Healthcare and Healthcare Insurance  
Guest: Luis Daniel Munoz, MD
Host: John Carlevale     Time: 30 minutes
Dr. Munoz is not only an M.D. but also a medical technology entrepreneur who has worked and studied abroad. He brings this broad perspective into the discussion as he compares and contrasts healthcare systems and healthcare insurance models. Many factors drive the cost of healthcare and healthcare insurance. In this regard, vulnerable populations along with health care systems and insurance competition play an important role. Competition typically drives down cost. Mental health services, suicide and drug abuse are major US challenges.
Link to video is
ARCHIVED: 7-24-17 Casimiro & Vella-Wilkinson: First Year Highlights  
Guests: Julie Casimiro, House District 31 and Camille Vella-Wilkinson, House District 21
Host: Richard August     Time: 30 minutes
The budget impasse leading to a legislative recess was first and foremost on their minds. They are optimistic that the matter will be resolved but unsure when. Concerns about sexual harassment within the R.I. National Guard have yet to be addressed. The Governor’s veto of the “perpetual contracts” bill with a potential override by the general assembly; children dying under DCYF care; domestic violence and gun related matters remain as their outstanding concerns. They noted with satisfaction the bills they sponsored and were passed and those they hope will be passed in the future.
Link to video is 
ARCHIVED: 6-26-17 New PawSox Stadium Proposal  
Guest: Donald Grebien, Mayor-City of Pawtucket
Host: Richard August     Time: 30 minutes
Mayor Grebien has been working industriously to keep the Pawtucket Red Sox in Pawtucket. To accomplish this may require a private/public partnership as fashioned by the major stakeholders. A bill has been recently introduced in the RI legislature to begin the public discussion, which will likely occur in a special legislative session in September of this year. Grebien believes a through public vetting of the proposal is needed to not only gain public support of the proposal but also to understand the potential it may have to promote greater prosperity in the wider community.

Link to video is

ARCHIVED: 6-26-17 RI Economy and Economic Development  
Guests: Greg Gerritt, Director of Research for
               Mike Stenhouse, CEO-RI Center for Freedom and Prosperity
Host: Richard August     Time: 30 minutes
Our guests differ widely on the methods needed to promote the RI economy. However, they agree that RI government is failing to promote the economy and its approach to economic development is wrongheaded. Gerrit asserts that our political leaders do not understand the true nature of where the current economy is going and that whatever growth there is will be minimal. Stenhouse agrees that understanding is poor but believes that there is room for substantial growth. They agree that different things have to be done but they disagree on what those methods should be. The juxtaposition of their views is educative. Link to video is

ARCHIVED: 6-5-17 (2) Travel with Tuttle: Blackstone River Bikeway  

Producer/Host: Mike Tuttle   Time: 42 minutes

Tuttle takes us on a journey as he bikes and films his bike ride on the Blackstone River Bikeway, which is alongside the 48-mile-long Blackstone River as it makes its way from Woonsocket to Pawtucket. Tuttle gives a brief history of development alongside the river and then takes us on a journey of scenic vistas, under passes and overpasses, dams and waterfalls, urban and suburban areas, industrial/commercial/residential locations, rail road tracks, pedestrian walkways, rest areas, mill sites, access points and more, all of which are part of the bikeway/walkway experience. Mike Tuttle is also a member of the State of the State production team.

Link to video is 

ARCHIVED: Program One: 6-5-17 What’s Needed to Fix Budget Concerns
Guest: Patricia Morgan, Minority Leader-RI House of Representatives
Host: Richard August Time: 30 minutes
RI is facing a huge budget deficit. Leader Morgan believes that some bad laws have to be fixed to remedy some of our budget problems and some new laws have to be created. She offers five major ideas to begin the process of fixing the budget. Create an Office of Inspector General. Remove the tangible personal property tax, which afflicts small businesses. Change disability pension requirements in order to lessen the burden on municipal budgets. Eliminate prevailing wage requirements associated with school infrastructure repair. Establish a line item veto for the governor.
Link to video is

ARCHIVED: Program One: 5-22-17 National Health Care Changes  

Guest: Gary Alexander, Health Care Policy Expert,

Host: Mike Stenhouse           Time: 30 minutes

Alexander served as Secretary of RI Health and Human Services under Governor Don Carcieri. He is highly regarded for is experience and expertise in health care policy and public welfare. He points out that one of the major changes in national health care policy is based on the Rhode Island model for Medicaid waiver or the aggregate cap on spending, which forced RI administrators to become cost conscience without cutting Medicaid services. Many popular beliefs about upcoming changes to national health care policy are clarified and in some cases “myths” are debunked.

Link to video is

ARCHIVED: 5-11-17 Stages of Freedom  
Guest: Ray Rickman, Executive Director, Stages of Freedom,
Host: John Carlevale     Time: 30 minutes
Rickman states the mission of Stages of Freedom is to provide and promote the history and culture of Black Americans for the entire Rhode Island community. Toward that end many programs are employed. Rickman talks about some of these programs specifically; Swim Empowerment; Bow Ties for Boys; Girls Tea Party; the Annual Harlem Rent Party; Walking Tours; and much more. Rickman shares many facts and experiences to help us all better understand these important programs. For more information about these programs and events, visit the website
Link to video is
ARCHIVED: 5-11-17 Operation Stand Down RI  
Guests: Dee DeQuattro, Development Director, Operation Stand Down RI,
               David Rothermel, Chief, RI Office of Veteran Affairs,
Host: Richard August     Time: 30 minutes
Guests cover the history and mission of Operation Stand Down, now in its 25th year. How many vets are being served by OSDRI, how they are being served, the number of vets estimated to be homeless in R and more. They describe upcoming events including Boots on the Ground, the Black Tie Gala for Gold Star Families, the concert by the 88th Army band, and much more. All these events are part of Memorial Day weeklong observances. For more info about these events, visit Monday, May 29th is Memorial Day.  Link to video is
ARCHIVED: 4-27-17 Firearms Bills Before RI Legislature  
Guest: Nick Grasso, President – Federated RI Sportsmen Club,
Host: Richard August     Time: 60 minutes
This interview addresses firearms bills before this current session of the RI legislature. The discussion focuses on three major bills supported by gun control advocates, who were invited to participate but declined. The bills in question focus on high capacity firearm magazines; carry permits; and domestic assault firearm surrender requirements. Grasso believes that these laws will further restrict and disaffect primarily legal firearm owners and sportsmen. Criminals don’t obey the laws. Consequently these added restrictions will do nothing to keep guns out of the hands of criminals or mentally ill persons. Other important concerns emerge during this discussion.
Link to video is
ARCHIVED: 4-13-17 Government Policies Affecting Quality of Life in RI  
Guest: Mike Stenhouse, CEO – RI Center for Freedom and Prosperity,
Host: Richard August     Time: 30 minutes
Stenhouse offers an alternative to the progressive democrat perspective on the role of government. He suggests that many government policies impede or diminish the quality of life rather than promote or enhance it. Stenhouse discusses both national and state issues such as health care reform, sales tax reduction; jobs and opportunity index, family prosperity index; proposed marijuana legislation; free college tuition and more and their potential impact.
Link to video is 
ARCHIVED: 4-13-17 Ideas for Cutting Government Costs  
Guest: Patricia Morgan, (R) House Minority Leader,
Host: Richard August     Time: 30 minutes
General assembly Republicans have offered a package of bills labeled “municipal spending reduction tools,” which are intended to help municipalities better manage and control costs. Minority Leader Morgan discusses these ideas for cutting municipal government cost, especially those having to do with helping municipalities better manage and control their budgets particularly regarding disability pensions, prevailing wage requirements, tort reform and more. On statewide level, bridge and road repair; truck tolls; free college tuition and the proposed Pawsox stadium are discussed.
Link to video is
ARCHIVED: 3-23-17 Wired: A Story of Political Corruption  
Guest: Paul Caranci, Author,  
Host: Richard August     Time: 30 minutes
Wired is a shocking true story of political corruption and the FBI informant who risked everything to expose it. While serving in the North Providence Town Council, Caranci became increasing frustrated with the political process and workings of the town council. After many person to person attempts to correct what he perceived as blatant violations of the fiduciary responsibility of certain council members and after much agonizing deliberation, he became an FBI informant. Wired is story of the people and circumstances involved and the results of this FBI investigation.

Link to video is

ARCHIVED: 3-9-17 Rhode Island Commerce Corporation  
Guest: Stefan Pryor, Secretary, RI Commerce Corporation,
Host: Richard August     Time: 30 minutes
Secretary Pryor discusses R.I. Commerce Corporation programs, incentives, and successful deals to bring companies and jobs to the state. Particular emphasis was placed on manufacturing incentives and access to capital and growth oriented assets for small manufacturers in particular as well as the small business lending program recently created. The new incentive structures pertaining to the qualified jobs incentives program have performance criteria, which must be met. No payments are made until personal income tax from new jobs is actually paid to the State. Then the State gives back to the company taxes collected up to $7500 for each employee.
Link to video is
ARCHIVED: 2-23-17 Rhode Island Marijuana Policy  
Guests: Michael Cerullo, Convenor, What’s the Rush’ RI?
Jared Moffat, Director, Regulate RI,   Host: Mike Stenhouse   Time: 30 minutes
Our guests represent very different perspectives regarding the legalization of recreational marijuana in Rhode Island. Cerullo believes that State marijuana policy should be evidenced based and that we should not rush into legalization until evidence supports it. Moffat believes it makes sense for the State to regulate marijuana usage and take it out of the hands of illicit vendors. They talk about current state law and proposed legislation. The experience and data coming out of states where recreational marijuana has been legalized is discussed. Judgement is left to the viewers to determine which side makes the most sense and which is actionable in RI.
Link to video is
ARCHIVED: 2-23-17 Advance RI and Other Initiatives  
Guest: Dan McKee, RI Lt. Governor,      Host:  Larry Valencia     Time: 30 minutes
McKee provides an update on the Lt. Governor’s small business, education and municipal initiatives. First and foremost, he talks about his newest initiative-Advance RI, which is a public access television show intended to share information; highlight the concerns and successes of the small business community; to promote involvement and to offer small business forums. McKee also discusses his statewide outreach tours. His Municipal Initiatives which address property revaluation and community compacts are discussed as well as his Education Initiative focused on a Call to Action aimed at achieving improvements in student performance.
Link to video is 
ARCHIVED: 2-16-17 Rhode Island Familly Prosperity Initiative  
Guests: Ray Rickman, ExecutiveDirector, Stages of Freedom
               Mike Stenhouse, CEO, R.I. Center for Freedom and Prosperity
Host: Richard August     Time: 30 minutes
Although different in political philosophy our guests agree on the status of individuals and families and the need to develop strategies and practices to preserve and strengthen Rhode Island families. Consequently, they have joined with others with similar values in a common effort under the aegis of the Rhode Island Family Prosperity Initiative. They discuss many factors that affect family prosperity and the wrongheaded nature of many governmental efforts, especially related to economic development strategies, the criminal justice system, educational and work force training needs, jobs and more.
Link to video is